Gold LNG Driver Refuelling PPE Kit

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Designed for LNG Drivers • Range of Products

The Gold LNG Driver Refuelling PPE Kit is designed to be used for drivers filling their vehicles with LNG. As this is a very cold liquified gas extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure you are wearing the correct safety clothing and equipment. PPE Kit includes the blue cryogenic gloves which meet EN 511 (231) and have been tested down to a temperature of -197°C.

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Features and Benefits:

  • GL9823 – Cryogenic Cold Protection Gloves Knit Wrist
  • HF0250 – Browguard with visor
  • EW0026 – Uvex Ultravision Gas-Tight Goggle
  • WW0020 – Hi-Vis Stafford Drawstring Tote Backpack


  • EN 388: 1994 (3233) (GL9823)
  • EN 511 (231) (GL9823)

SKU – DK0038

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EN 388: 1994 (3233) (GL9823)
EN 511 (231) (GL9823)

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