Discover superior protection with our ARC workwear, all your essential gear for high-voltage tasks.

Explore our extensive collection of ARC Workwear, your ultimate solution for robust Arc Flash Protection. Our carefully designed and manufactured range of high-quality, ARC-resistant clothing is designed to meet the demanding needs of HV electrical work. With a UK-wide next-day delivery service, we ensure you receive your protective gear when needed.

Our product lineup includes an array of Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Trousers, Gloves, Arc Flash Sweatshirts and Polo shirts, each meticulously crafted to provide you with superior protection during high-voltage tasks. Beyond simply providing equipment, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive ARC flash protective workwear solutions.

Understanding the crucial role of ARC workwear, we’ve created a buyer’s guide to assist you in making the right choice. This guide offers detailed insights into the technical specifications, material details, and safety standards our ARC workwear adheres to. We believe in the importance of not just wearing protective clothing but understanding its significance, quality, and the protection it offers.

In a field where safety is paramount, we ensure our ARC workwear meets and exceeds industry standards. Watch this video to witness a flash test on a fabric sample, demonstrating the exceptional resilience of our ARC-resistant clothing.

Talk to us about your ARC workwear needs today, and watch this video showing flash testing on a fabric sample. Whether you’re searching for individual pieces or complete ARC flash protective workwear solutions, we’re here to help you navigate your options and choose the best gear for your requirements.

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