The yarns within many Inherent Haztec® fabrics will not ignite & are self-extinguishing when a flame source is applied.


Modacrylic fibres are synthetic copolymers that are used in the garments we produce. They are soft, strong, resilient and dimensionally stable. The properties are similar to acrylics although they do not combust, are difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish. They are also particularly effective when used in arc flash garments.

It is important to know how to care for fabrics containing modacrylics and all HAZTEC® garments containing these fibres give the user clear instructions on how to wash and dry them. If in doubt, we recommend you contact our Technical Department and we will be glad to offer further advice.

Our fabrics contain the Protex® brand of Modacrylic Fibres which is produced by Kaneka of Japan. This fibre is then woven into fabrics with the technical support of Waxman Fibres to produce the Protal® range of fabrics solutions which in turn is then used in the HAZTEC® garment range.

Modacrylic PLUS+

High performance is of ultimate importance for all HAZTEC® garments and we strive to ensure that we maintain close links with the development teams at our fabric suppliers to ensure the latest developments.

Modacrylic fibres do not make up the entire composition of the fabrics we use. They are combined with other fibres including Cotton, Antistatic Yarns, Viscose, Polyesters, Aramid Fibres. By adding these other fibres we gain other benefits to the finished fabric such as antistatic properties, dimensional stability, hi-vizibility reflective characteristics and enhanced flame resistant performance.

The real benefits of the HAZTEC® garments are experienced by our wearers and we regularly receive positive feedback from our customers. By carefully balancing the blends of the yarns we use, we ensure that each fabric in the collection offers the best in its sector. The result is what we refer to as HAZTEC® Modacrylic PLUS+ – Superior comfort, durability and protection.

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