Bespoke HAZTEC® Workwear

Create bespoke Technical Workwear for your company to FR/AS and ARC CE Certification. Stand apart from the crowd in your colourways.

Product Sketches

Bespoke Workwear

If your Workforce is looking for something a little more unique to stand out from the crowd, we can produce Technical Workwear solutions in bespoke colours. From design concept to completion, HAZTEC® garments are CE certified where required to ensure compliance.

We can specifically produce technical garments to your brand colours and include unique features with your choice of fabric to suit your particular working environment. Ask your Account Manager about holding your bespoke items in stock for you, to call-off as required.


bespoke Haztec manufacture

bespoke Haztec manufacture

Other typical examples of Bespoke Workwear could simply be the addition of an extra combat pocket to fit a PDA or Radio, Reflective Tape in alternative positions or Contrast Colour trims and piping.

When considering Bespoke Workwear the benefits of additional features or variations should always be considered against factors including additional stockholding, lead times and minimum order quantities.

Branded workwear designed for you.