The HAZTEC® Brand

Hazchem Safety are the exclusive distributor of HAZTEC® Specialist Protective Workwear that meets stringent European Norm Certification for the most hazardous of environments.

Haztec Labelling


Like all other clothing, the demands for Flame Protective clothing to be comfortable, durable, attractively designed and the right price are just the same.

HAZTEC® has been developed by Hazchem Safety as the direct result of customer feedback and the demand for better garments with features that deliver real, tangible benefits to our Wearers.

Specialist Hazard Protection

With a focus on Specialised Hazard Protection, the HAZTEC® range of garments offers protection to the following hazards:

  • Heat & Flame
  • Chemical
  • Antistatic
  • Arc Flash
  • AntiCut

5 Key Benefits of the Haztec Brand

  1. Guaranteed certification for peace of mind.
  2. Extensive size range
  3. Attractive and Functional designs.
  4. Deal direct with the Manufacturer
  5. Large stockholding

European Norm Certification

Where applicable, each garment in the Haztec range carries the relevant European Norm. You can find more information on EN Norms here.

See how Haztec® can protect your workforce