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About Us

We believe that our direction must come from the needs of the industries we serve. Our fast-moving, agile, customer-focused culture has enabled us to provide innovative solutions essential for your prosperity in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Hazchem Safety is a progressive company with a dedicated focus on the safety and protection of your people and the environment. We are committed to providing our clients with the safest, smartest and most comfortable workwear, ADR and PPE products available. We recognise that innovation is more essential today than ever before and believe that interaction and collaboration are increasingly crucial to allow us to respond to the needs of the future.

Providing safety solutions for every industry

Industry has never been as fast-paced as it is in this technological age. We believe that this should be reflected in every stage and aspect of the order fulfilment process. To enable us to achieve this ambition, we have designed and engineered bespoke solutions to systematise the effort and stress of managing the workwear requirements of your people.

Our range of specialist workwear is safer, more comfortable, better designed and better value than the traditional alternatives in the UK market. In addition, we maintain whole containers of finished stock in the UK, making us unique in the marketplace. Our clothing range is complemented by our range of signage, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and environmental spill control products that are, in many cases, specialist to the markets we serve.

Our range of specialist workwear is safer, more comfortable, better designed and better value than the traditional alternatives in the UK market.

Hazchem has been proven to offer tangible benefits in service delivery, processes and product ranges to many blue chip companies throughout the UK. To us, every customer need we face is a new challenge and a new opportunity to develop a groundbreaking solution. We’d love to share our passion and enthusiasm with you.

  • 1978 — Hazchem Signs started out as a small family-run company supplying the specialist equipment and signage required to comply with legislation regulating the transport of Hazardous materials. This developed over the subsequent years as the industry fought to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of Government legislation
  • 2004 — Hazchem entered a new and exciting era with its acquisition by investors from the well-established Beta Group bringing new value, expertise and products to its loyal and established customers. Under the new leadership of a successful UK entrepreneur, Hazchem was to see massive changes and developments over the ensuing years, including a rebranding to Hazchem Safety
  • Haztec brand of flame retardant/antistatic workwear introduced
  • Hazchem Lynx online order management system introduced, making ordering faster and more efficient and enabling our clients to manage multiple sites with ease
  • 2016 — A huge step forward for Hazchem Safety in the acquisition of Askas (Hull), further developing our ability to serve the Oil and Gas distribution industry and bringing new expertise in the supply of corporate workwear