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About Us

Hazchem Safety is a progressive company with a dedicated focus on the safety and protection of your people and the environment. We are committed to providing our clients with the safest, smartest and most comfortable workwear, ADR and PPE products available. We recognise that innovation is more essential today than ever before and believe that interaction and collaboration are increasingly crucial to allow us to respond to the needs of the future.


Our Story – 40 Years of proven history


1978 – Identifying a need created by new legislation

As a part-time fireman, John Piddington understood more than most about the importance of fire and safety regulations in the workplace. So when new ADR legislation was introduced establishing the need for Hazchem plates to be mounted on vehicles transporting hazardous goods, John recognised the business opportunity for Hazchem Signs Ltd.

The company started life as a small, family business run out of modest premises in Edgware, but quickly took its place as a well-known name with industry-wide endorsement from the freight transport associations.

Over time, the Hazchem range has expanded to include all the products necessary to comply with the ADR regulations, as well as essential additional PPE and vehicle kit.

While this was forty years ago now, John’s forward vision in keeping workers safe on the road, is reflected by Hazchem Safety today. And any vehicle showing the familiar orange plates is a reminder of where Hazchem started.


2004Fresh direction and inspiration

A change of management in 2004 brought with it 42 years’ experience in the PPE & signage industry.

Hazchem Safety moved into the heart of the Midlands to facilitate distribution of our products throughout the UK, and an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the desire to move the company forward in an agile way, gave the company fresh impetus to move forward into the 21st century.

The Hazchem Safety product range dramatically expanded with the addition of many more items of protective workwear, such as drivers’ jackets, boots, gloves helmets, etc., along with a far wider range of safety signage.


2008 – Inception of the HAZTEC range, led by customer demand

Hazchem Safety experienced several years of rapid growth as their loyal customers started to benefit from the broad range of innovative safety products on offer.

In August 2008 Andrew Beattie, a key client, asked the key question that would change the course of the company: “Can you source Flame Retardant/Anti-Static workwear?” He’d been badly let down by a supplier, and was desperate to keep his 350 drivers not only on the road, but safety-compliant.

At the same time, Hazchem had already found a factory capable of manufacturing a more comfortable inherent FR fabric for the garments, so preparation met opportunity, and HAZTEC workwear was born.

Eight weeks later, Andrew’s staff were kitted out and fully compliant. Andrew has since retired, but even today XPO Logistics still use Hazchem Safety for their 500+ tanker drivers.


2014 – The challenge of workwear management

Having solved the issues Andrew and his team faced, Hazchem Safety found there was further opportunities with other large companies involved in the petrochemical industry, including Wincanton, Certas, Eddie Stobart and Hoyer.

The size of these companies and the scale of their operations presented an additional issue that needed addressing—how to manage the ordering, distribution and control of the uniforms for large numbers of users across multiple sites.

To assist them with this, the Hazchem-Lynx intelligent order management system was created. Its features not only reduce administration time but also ensure that the correct PPE is issued to staff according to their job role, setting a new industry standard for uniform software.

Staff across multiple sites can then receive Indivually named “Man-Packs” giving them a hassle-free solution.

2017 – Dynamically moving forward with focus

With an ever-growing range of HAZTEC certified products and the company heritage in Hazchem Signage and ADR Kits, Hazchem Safety is still driving forward with passion as the key supplier to the petrochemical and hazardous transport industry.

As an innovative manufacturer that deals directly with the hazardous goods and petrochemical industry, Hazchem Safety is able to design garments that provide the best protection, comfort and features whilst offering premium quality and excellent value for money.

With a culture of innovation, and a fundamental desire to research their customers’ needs, only the best is good enough. People at work deserve the best protection they can get, especially when working in dangerous and inflammable atmospheres. Haztec Workwear is the premium solution, and it will continue to evolve as new fabrics and manufacturing processes are developed. You are invited to join us on the journey!