LNG Driver Refuelling PPE Kit

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Range of Products • PPE Kit Designed for LNG Drivers

This kit is designed to be used for drivers filling their vehicles with LNG. As this is a very cold liquified gas then extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure you are wearing the correct PPE. The cryogenic gloves give a EN511 contact and convective cold contact level 2 protection, and the visor and goggles protect your face and eyes. Leather is traditionally the best material for gloves as PVC or rubber material become cold then crack. These gloves have a high EN511 rating therefore protecting your hands form cold burns.

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Features and Benefits:

  • GL1828 – Thermal Leather Water Resistant Gloves
  • HF0250 – Browguard & Visor
  • EW0220 – Splashtec Chemical Goggle
  • WW0022 – Hi-Vis Stafford Drawstring Tote Backpack


  • EN 388 (GL1828)
  • EN 511: 22X (GL1828)
  • EN 166 1B 3 (EW0220)

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EN 388 (GL1828)
EN 511 (GL1828)
EN 166 1B 3 (EW0220)

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