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The staff I deal with are always very helpful and when orders are placed they come out very quickly

Lisa Deeney, Hoyer UK Ltd Transport and Administration Co-ordinator

Procurement made simple

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Our Solutions

Arc Flash Protection

Protecting your staff against electrical arc flash incidents couldn’t be simpler with our comprehensive range of arc flash workwear. All garments are proven to protect against serious harm to your greatest assets: your people.

AS/FR workwear

Flame-retardant/anti-static clothing is no longer a heavy and stiff garment. Manufactured from a soft fabric, it provides a fit that enables the wearer to perform their task successfully and comfortably.

Chemical Protection

We’re dedicated to helping you choose the right chemical protection for your staff. With technical knowledge reaching across industries and applications, you can be confident on receiving expert support and advice, every time.

ADR Equipment

Since 1978, when ADR regulations came into force, Hazchem has been the leading supplier of ADR signs and equipment. Advising on your specific needs for the specific classes you are carrying, we are able to make recommendations on basic levels of PPE necessary to meet legislation and protect your drivers.

Spill Management

Every company where liquids are stored and/or used in significant quantities should have an effective spill response plan to prevent accidents from becoming disasters.

Embroidered Workwear

Let your uniforms do the talking with custom embroidered workwear, so your workforce is always comfortable and on-brand

Hand Protection

Source a glove for every hazard including a spectrum of specialised applications such as extreme low temperature and needle protection. We can provide a glove and hand survey to ensure all your staff have the correct protection for every task, allowing for dexterity and comfort.

Proven to Protect

Start making your business a safer place to work.

Why Hazchem


Hazchem Safety is a progressive company with a dedicated focus on the safety and protection of your people. We recognise that innovation is more essential now than ever before. We believe that interaction and collaboration are increasingly crucial to allow us to respond to the needs of the future.


To us, every customer need is a new opportunity to provide a fit-for-purpose solution. We strive to consider every customer situation in its entirety and pride ourselves on giving you the right solution first time. We have been providing specialist knowledge since 1978 and are constantly self-assessing our ranges in order to be flexible to all our customers’ needs.


Having close to a quarter of a million items on the shelf, ready to pick for same day dispatch and speedy delivery, gives our customers the confidence to order what they need when when they need it. Our centrally located distribution centre means we are ideally placed to fulfil all your requirements quickly wherever you are in the UK. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled service, offering a super-fast turnaround on all items held in our vast stocks

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