HAZTEC® garments are carefully developed in conjunction with Wearers. Each pattern, fit and design ensures maximum comfort and safety.


At HAZTEC® we understand that there are many parties involved in the procuring and specifying of your garments, and the more united these departments in your business, the more successful your Protective Clothing management will be.

Typically the following departments are included when sourcing and specifying new Protective Garments:

  • Procurement
  • Health & Safety
  • Operations (the Wearers)

Procurement need to report on cost savings and Health & Safety on accident reduction and elimination and these are often conflicting demands. In addition to this, the Wearers need assurance that the most possible has been done to research and provide the best uniform for them, and their typical demand is that the clothing is comfortable, attractively designed and fits well.

Here HAZTEC® excels…

Each garment in the HAZTEC® collection follows our guidelines for Fit to ensure consistency across our product range. We create the patterns from scratch, taking into consideration feedback from our customers. Each additional element in the garments is carefully considered to ensure that it meets the demands of all of the parties involved. We commonly ask questions such as ‘does the extra feature provide additional safety versus the additional cost?’, ‘is this additional feature a tangible benefits or nice-to-have?’.

We then process these requests into the HAZTEC® garment patterns to deliver products that our wearers love to wear, procurement teams love to specify and health & safety have the knowledge that it meets the required specifications.

For protective clothing that delivers on it’s promises, choose HAZTEC®


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