Global leader in specialist bulk logistics for the chemical, petroleum, food and gas industries.


What do we supply?

All workwear and PPE for HOYER Petrolog and HOYER Chemilog UK.


One of the worldwide market leaders in moving liquids by road, rail and sea. Wherever it has to go, HOYER will get chemical products, foodstuffs, gas, and mineral oil to their destinations safely and efficiently. A family company, HOYER has been in existence for over sixty years, has grown to employ over 5,100 staff, and achieved an annual turnover of £1.1bn. In the UK, HOYER is particularly renowned for its Petrolog division, which transports all the retail fuel to three of the world’s most renowned oil companies, Shell, Esso, and BP.

The problem

HOYER required a supplier who would be able to consistently supply high-quality technical workwear to multiple locations across the UK within a short time-frame and on some occasions to kit large numbers of drivers. They were particularly concerned that all uniform and PPE provided the correct specification garments for all the different oil terminals throughout the UK and Ireland, criteria that no previous supplier had been able to afford. Hazchem Safety supplied HOYER with all their PPE and workwear requirements in the UK on a cautious trial basis throughout 2014 due to poor service delivery, quality of garments, and technical compliance HOYER received from their previous two suppliers. Hazchem were delighted to have been awarded the formal three-year workwear and PPE contract in January 2015.

The solution

Hazchem was able to commence supply all of HOYER’s requirements immediately and then worked with them throughout the trial year to produce a solution which suited all the stakeholders including Union reps, site managers, administrators, and most importantly health and safety managers. Essential to the solution was the simple ordering and issuing of workwear and PPE, which was where Hazchem provided the most value. The Hazchem Lynx intelligent order management system makes ordering the workwear and PPE very simple and the orders arrive labelled and man-packed ready for speedy issue. Order tracking is easy through the portal and the reporting function for staff members, sites, and products enable administrators and managers to effortlessly manager the workwear and PPE.

“The staff I deal with i.e. Brian and Brent are always very helpful and when orders are placed they come out very quickly.”

Lisa Deeney, Transport Administration Co-Ordinator, HOYER UK LTD


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