Equip your team with the knowledge to quickly and effectively deal with chemical spills, whilst getting industry leading advice on your sites handling and storage of hazardous liquids.


Here at Hazchem we take pride in ensuring that we not only supply you with high quality products but also the knowledge to ensure that they are used safely and competently.

With this in mind we are delighted that we are now able to offer you a range of 3 courses. From our basic spill session to our trainer training we have the course to suit your needs.

What Training do we Provide?

We are currently able to offer 3 levels of spill training, these are as follows:

Learn how to effectively use spill kits

L1SKT Basic Spill Kit Training – 1/2 Day

The L1SKT spill training course contains up to 3 separate sessions. Each session is a complete spill kit mini course. the course can therefore offer training for a maximum of 45 individuals.

Each session will last for approximately 50 minutes plus a 10 minute break between sessions.

Course Objectives 

  • To provide operatives with the knowledge of how to safely use spill products on your site
  • Highlight the importance of having a simple, effective, response action plan
  • Stress the importance of preventing spillage escape and reducing impacts on the environment

Download Course Overview BelowHazchem spill training half day course overview

Improve level of response to time critical spills

L2SRT First Responder Training – 3 Hour

The L2SRT spill training course contains 1 x 3 hour session and is suitable for a maximum of 12 individuals.

Course Objectives 

  • Provide an improved level of response to emergency spills and thereby help to reduce corporate exposure to risks of polluting the environment and consequent costs
  • Improve the knowledge and understanding of the physical dangers of spillage, typical routes of escape from the site and how to safely use containment and adsorbent products to effectively control a spill
  • Create awareness of individuals’ moral and legal responsibilities for causing pollution from spillage entering the wider environment

Download Course Overview Below

Hazchem spill training first responder 3 hour course overview

Learn how to guide others in the effective use of spill equipment

L1SKTTT Trainer Training – 4.5 Hour

The L2SRT spill training course contains 1 x 4.5 hour session and is suitable for a maximum of 8 individuals. This foundation course in spill response before going on to present a course that will equip attendees to deliver the L1SKT. Certificate validity – 2 years from date of training. Attendees will get all information presented supplied on a memory stick & a certificate of attendance.

Course Objectives 

  • Provide trainers with an adequate level of subject knowledge
  • Impart confidence to train colleagues to achieve a safe level of spill response
  • Demonstrate understanding and proper use of all site spill response equipment

A pass/fail questionnaire will be presented as conclusion. & Attendees will be expected to actively participate in the course and will be required to prepare and make a 30min presentation.

Download Course Overview Below

Hazchem spill trainer training overview

Site Survey Web

What Does the Site Survey Include?

The survey will include a full assessment of your site focusing on the handling and storage of liquids. We will supply you with a full report with our findings, photographs and our recommendations. The areas we will focus on are as follows:

  • Your sites drainage system
  • The types of liquids stored on your site
  • Bulk / Drummed storage and any secondary containment
  • The procedures you follow in which you load, unload and transport liquids
  • The processes in which you currently deal with spillages
  • How you handle waste liquids
  • Training that you provide to your employees

Site Survey – The Process

Oil Spill Process web contact advisor visitOil Spill Process web photo reccomend support

The survey will give you the guidance needed to ensure that you are compliant with all regulations. For further information and for a free no obligation quotation please contact us on +44 (0)1280 841400 or email sales@hazchemsafety.com.

Download our Training & Survey Facts Sheet