European Norms (EN) govern the CE certification of Protective Clothing. Here we list and explain the EN Norms that apply to our product range.

EN ISO11612 Heat & Flame

Protective Clothing to protect against Heat & Flame

EN ISO 14116 Limited Flame Spread

Limited Flame Spread

EN1149-5: 2008

Protective Clothing with Electrostatic Properties

IEC 61482-2: 2009 & IEC 61482-2: 2018

Protective Clothing against the thermal hazards of an Electric Arc

EN 13034

Protection Against Liquid Chemicals

EN 343

Rain Protection

EN ISO 20471


EN ISO 11611

Protective Clothing for use in Welding & Allied Processes

EN 13688

General Requirements

EN 511

Gloves for Protection against Cold

EN 388

Protective Gloves against Mechanical Risks

EN ISO 20345:2011

Personal Protective Equipment – Safety Footwear

EN 166: 2001

Personal Eye Protection


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