Specialising in the Manufacture, Handling and Haulage of Chemical Products


About Industrial Chemicals

ICGL supplies a wide variety of Chemicals to various industries throughout the UK, Europe and parts of Asia. The privately-owned company is only 40 years old but has experienced massive growth from just 1 tanker in the 1970’s to over 60 tankers today. Employing over 300 staff the group handle more than one million tons of materials per annum, with sales of over 300,000 tonnes of finished materials.

The Challenge

Industrial Chemicals required a supplier who would be able to stock and deliver a wide range of high-quality workwear, PPE & consumable products quickly and at competitive prices. With multiple-divisions across the company the range of products required, and suppliers dealt with was growing and becoming difficult to control – ICGL needed to find a way to consolidate their requirements to give them more control, increased negotiation and a consistently reliable source of supply. The company was also experiencing issues with specific protective items that didn’t offer a suitable level of protection and comfort to the wearers – a serious area of concern for any company mindful of the welfare of their workforce.

The Solution

It was clear that Industrial Chemicals were looking for a complete solution – one where every area of supply was considered and provided for. Hazchem worked very closely with HSE personnel researching, testing and trialling product to ensure 100% suitability for purpose in all areas – this also included bespoke products specifically designed and tailored to provide the comfort and protection look for. Close collaboration the procurement team was also key, analysing product data to find and make savings whilst also taking care to also consider other important areas such as stock holdings, supply flexibility and service levels. Hazchem have been dealing with ICGL for nearly 5 years supplying a wide range of products to sites throughout the UK and look forward to maintaining this excellent relationship moving forward!


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