Another firm favourite in the Oil & Gas Industry is the IDRA Helmet featuring a full-face, retractable face visor and a multitude of EN Certification

IDRA features a full-face, retractable Visor with a curved design for optimal comfort

How is the IDRA different?

The IDRA Safety Helmet is another favourite in the Oil, Gas & Energy sectors, similar to its sister product IRIS 2 but with a full face, retractable visor. The drop-down visor provides excellent full face protection when required and can be easily slid away for tasks requiring less protection. The IDRA’s unique face visor is also popular with operatives wearing prescription spectacles, its curved design allowing enough clearance to comfortably cover the wearers glasses.

Unique adjustable air vents give bring comfort to the wearer particularly in warmer seasons/climates.

Large flat surfaces on the front, back and sides of the IDRA are ideal for logo application, promoting company brand and also ensuring that the PPE is kept within your companies possession.

What level of protection does the IDRA provide?

The IDRA is tested and certified to the below standards:

  • EN 397 + A1: 2013 (Physical and performance requirements for industrial safety helmets)
  • EN 50365: 2002 (Insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations)
  • EN 166: 2002 (Certified safety eyewear) – Integrated Visor

A robust design and tough ABS shell offers the highest level of protection in the workplace. The EN 166 rated integrated visor can be dropped down at any point providing protection from splashes of dangerous fuels, liquids and other harmful substances. If worn with compatible 4-Point chin strap HF0501 the IDRA is ideal for operatives working height whether on scaffolding or an oil rig. Ear defender HP2538 is also compatible with the IDRA and can be easily clipped into place if ear protection is required.

Where can I purchase the IDRA safety helmet?

Hazchem Safety Ltd are the UK’s sole distributor of the IDRA Safety Helmet. Orders can be placed online HERE or by email/telephone using the Contact Us page.

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