What is an Anti-static coverall? What is Anti Static PPE? How does it all work?

An anti-static coverall is simply a coverall designed to prevent the build up of static electricity on the garment.

Static electricity is generated when two surfaces rub together and create a charge imbalance. This can be a significant hazard in workplaces that deal with flammable materials or sensitive electronic equipment. This is because static can cause a spark and that can result in ignition. So anti-static clothing is essential for personal protection with the Energy sector – particularly Oil & Gas, petrochemical and nuclear.

What is an Anti-static coverall

Now we have identified what static is, and why it is important we prevent it, lets go into some detail on specific Anti-static PPE products.

As you can see above, Hazchem offers a full range of anti-static garments.

But anti-static doesn’t just apply to clothing – it also applies to boots and gloves.

Firstly, boots; for a safety boot to meet EN20345:2022 it needs to be anti-static but not ESD Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) boots. ESD is a separate standard altogether and we will write a new blog on that soon.

For anti-static boots – browse our range here.

Finally, gloves. Anti-static gloves are now a thing. But ultimately many of our gloves are naturally anti-static. If you do want to be sure though go for these Showa Black PVC Anti-Static ESD Gauntlet gloves.

A great gauntlet for anyone working in the petrochem sector.

So, to finish this article lets quickly talk about how anti-static works. To answer this I have turned to our Haztec User Information sheet.

EN 1149-5:2018

Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties

In order to be properly earthed the resistance between the worker wearing electrostatic dissipative protective clothing and the earth should be less than 10 Ω, (via electrostatic dissipative footwear meeting EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346 & EN ISO 20347 or by other suitable means). The electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall not be opened or removed whilst in the presence of a flammable or explosive atmosphere or whilst handling flammable or explosive substances. The electrostatic dissipative performance of the electrostatic dissipative protective clothing can be affected by wear and tear, laundering and possible contamination. Electrostatic dissipative clothing should not be used in oxygen enriched atmospheres, or in Zone 0 (see EN 60079-10-1[7]) without prior approval of the responsible safety engineer. Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall permanently cover all non-complying materials during normal use (including bending and movements). Electrostatic dissipative clothing is intended to be worn in Zones 1, 2, 20, 21 & 22 (see EN 60079-10-1 [7] and EN 60079-10-2 [8]) in which the minimum ignition energy of any explosive atmosphere is not less than 0.016mJ.

Wearing Fastening Instructions

For conformance to EN 1149-3: 2004 Charge Decay, ensure the garment is fastened at the front at all times and the wrist fastenings are secured close to the wrist.

Limitations Of Use

The requirements of EN 1149 may not be sufficient in oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres. EN 1149 compliant garments are not suitable for protection against mains voltages. EN 1149 is not intended for clothing designed to prevent nuisance sparks, e.g. in clean rooms, electronics, pharmaceuticals.

2 Part Garments (E.g. Trouser & Sweatshirt)

If single items are worn i.e. antistatic sweatshirt, another the item must be worn (e.g. Antistatic trouser) also meeting the standard must be worn. Nonconforming garments worn over any Antistatic garments would eliminate the effectiveness of the garment.

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