Anti-static Workwear

Stay Safe in Hazardous Environments with Our Anti-static Workwear Clothing

Our comprehensive range of anti-static workwear clothing is designed to provide superior protection against static electricity and sparks in hazardous environments such as fuel tanks, refineries, ammunition dumps, and areas with explosive materials. With safety being a top priority, our high-quality FR antistatic workwear adheres to EN ISO 1149 standards, ensuring maximum safety and protection for workers.

At Hazchem Safety, we manufacture and supply one of the largest selections of anti-static protective clothing in the PPE industry. Our collection includes jackets, boiler suits, trousers, and coveralls, each designed to prevent static electricity build-up and minimise the risk of heat, fire (flame) and explosion.

We understand the importance of all types of safety garments and PPE. We strive to offer the best possible solutions to protect workers in high-risk environments. Our anti-static workwear clothing uses specific fabric and is designed to provide superior protection, durability, and comfort, ensuring workers can perform their duties with complete confidence and peace of mind.

All our anti-static protective clothing conforms to the highest safety standards (EN 1149) in the PPE industry. Trust Hazchem Safety to provide you with the best anti-static workwear clothing for your needs. Our extensive range of FR antistatic workwear is the ultimate solution for workers who require maximum protection against static electricity and sparks.

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