It is most important to guard against damage to our vision in our day-to-day work. Sure, its great for a roustabout to play his or her vital part in the Aberdeen area’s energy trade but not at the cost of enjoying the simple pleasures of reading the paper or enjoying the great scenery of the North East!

There’s a range of hazards to your eyes when working offshore or on pipelines and in engineering roles on land.

These can include:

Airborne Dust Or Grit.

Weather is not always the best out in the North Sea with high winds or even helicopter down-draft can turn seemingly harmless grit into a dangerous medium for your vision.

Hot Substances – Weld Splatter Etc

Any hot metal splashes or other heated substances must be treated with great care. Protection like the (very trendy) Bolle Tracker prescription safety goggles, complete with anti-scratch surface, neck strap and cleaning cloth, is a popular and good value option.

Dangers From Gases

There’s always a need to use certain gases on platforms as well as the methane natural gas from rigs in areas like the Elgin-Franklin Field. As well as being under high pressure in compressed gas cylinders or from the wellhead there are risks to eyesight to guard against.

Check out our gas-tight goggles here (image) or pop into our Dyce trade counter near Aberdeen Airport to speak to our knowledgeable staff or try a sample:

Engineering Clutter & Accidents

It can happen. Folks under pressure with deadlines or deliveries can leave an item, tool, nuts, fixings, etc that might bruise you if it hit your leg but would seriously damage your eye forever if not protected. Don’t risk it – call us on 01224 707468 to make an appointment to try our eye protection PPE for yourself.

Risks From Liquids

Hydraulic oil under pressure, high-pressure water, drilling fluids, diesel fuel, and so on are likely to be present whether under pressure or not and can get out of hand enough to do damage to eyesight.

You can browse our full range of Bolle prescription safety glasses and frames for all face shapes ensuring comfort and safety with a secure fit here.

Delivery is 7-10 working days from the date of us receiving an order number.

With an unparalleled range of offshore workwear, flame retardant coveralls, and general north sea workwear of the highest quality from the ORKA Magnus 2 FR AS Coveralls to high leg safety boots, Hazchem are well placed to help with every need that the energy and wind turbine industry has.

Although it is not strictly our responsibility to tell you what PPE is best, we have had over 40 years of experience when it comes to PPE for drivers and operators in the Gas Industry. So we have come up with some recommendations below for both ladies and men working in this industry.

We know that refineries/terminals are becoming more stringent on the correct PPE being worn when loading gas, so it is important you have suitable PPE.

To discuss further with us please call 01280 841400 or email sales@hazchemsafety.com .

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