Ensure your Team are provided with the correct eyewear by utilizing our easy-to-use online ordering system for Prescription Safety Spectacles.


Overview of Prescription Safety Spectacles

There are 27 different frame styles in our comprehensive range of prescription safety glasses from Bolle, including the new Tryon, Xtra, Hustler and Harper (with more new prescription safety goggles frames to follow this year), plus prescription inserts for the Iris, Tracker, Atom, Super Blast and Chrono goggles. The prescription frame range ensures that Hazchem can cater for all face shapes ensuring comfort and safety with a secure fit. The inclusion of prescription safety goggles insert options is vital to protect employees in areas where medium impact protection is required. Frames are covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty as opposed to most other prescription safety spectacle brands who only offer 12 months of cover. Delivery is typically 7-10 working days from the date of us receiving an order number from the distributor.

Simple Price Structure

The pricing structure is very simple in that all frames (except one) are the same price. There are 3 prices for the different safety lens types, single vision, bi-focal and varifocal. Thereafter, there are various extras that are available. The dispensing fees paid to the optician are fixed by Bolle not only ensuring they are competitive but giving complete clarity on the cost of the prescription safety glasses at the time of placing the order.

Choose a Safety Lens Coating

All prescription safety lenses except bifocal and anti reflective have the Bolle exclusive K&N rated Platinum anti scratch and anti fog coating applied to both sides of the lens as standard – it is not a chargeable extra. This gives both prescription and non prescription wearers the same level of protection. In areas where body heat or temperature change is an issue this is crucial to ensure operatives can continue to wear their safety glasses in the most extreme conditions.

Opticians Network

Bolle have a partnership with Boots Pharmacy in The UK who have agreed to hold all the frames in stock to enable patients to try the prescription safety frames on at the opticians. In addition to Boots, Bolle prescription safety glasses orders can be processed through a network of over 1000 independent opticians throughout The UK. The glasses are typically delivered to the optician from our laboratories 7-10 working days from the date of Bolle receiving an order number from the distributor. Glasses are always supplied with a neck cord, cleaning cloth and hard case.

Access the Bolle Optical Webshop

Our online web portal allows the process of ordering prescription safety glasses to be completed online. We can provide a PowerPoint showing the process of loading a new employee onto the system which authorises the purchase of prescription safety glasses. The Webshop can have restrictions incorporated by the end user to ensure only approved frames or extras will be available. This facilitates a stringent cost control process. As an order history is built up records can be kept and easily accessed to see when spectacles have been issued to an employee.


BOLLE Safety Eyewear offers Next Generation protection with their exclusive range available from Hazchem Safety.

Black prescription safety goggles
Red prescription safety glasses

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