Supporting Decommissioning in the North Sea

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Technical Workwear for Decommissioning Workers, Aberdeen.

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Protecting your Workers during Decommissioning

With the ongoing reduction in Oil demand, Aberdeen, the North Sea and other regions in the United Kingdom are met with an increased requirement for Rig Dismantling and Oil Well filling. These aggressive work environments demand heavy duty workwear and Hazchem Safety can help with excellent stocks of Flame Resistant and Welding Coveralls, and other protective workwear.

Industry Focus

For the last 25 years, we have focused on the petrochemical industry sector and we’ve established a range of products that ensure you and your team are are equipped with compliant, safe and quality workwear, and that you’re receiving products that deliver value for money.

Key Products for Decommissioning Workers

Key products in the Hazchem range include:

  • ORKA® Magnus Flame Resistant, Antistatic Coveralls
  • ORKA® Fabricator Flame Resistant Coveralls – advanced fabric for Grinding and Welding.
  • ORKA® Welder Flame Resistant, Welding Coveralls – moleskin design for Heavy Welding.
  • Several styles of High Leg S3 Ankle Boots with Zip Sides
  • Leading brands of Gloves – Winter Warmth, Leather Gloves, Chemical Gauntlets.
  • The IDRA® Full Visor Safety Helmet
  • HAZTEC® MultiNorm FR AS ARC Inherent Workwear with Welding Certification.
  • HAZTEC® Chemical Protective Garments

Distribution – North & South

With two key distribution centres in Northamptonshire and Aberdeen, and Regional Field Based sales representatives, Hazchem Safety can be a key supplier to your supply chain.

Other Benefits

We aim to provide our clients tangible benefits and solutions, and these include:

  • Online Ordering with ability to restrict available products by depots and users.
  • Onsite Visits to discuss PPE challenges
  • High proportion of orders delivered Next Day
  • Own manufacturing facilities for industry leading delivery times and ability to produce bespoke garment designs.

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