Women’s Flame Resistant &
Arc Flash Workwear

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There is – to use a common phrase – ‘one heck of a lot’ of information being posted online at the moment regarding Women in the workforce being supplied the correct PPE – workwear in particular – that is not just generic fitting, but specifically designed for the female form.

This article summarises the products and offering that the HAZTEC® and ORKA® brands – both available from Hazchem Safety Ltd – that can fulfil the requirements of any Women you have in your Team.

About HAZTEC® and ORKA®

Both of these brands are owned by Hazchem and the development of them is done inhouse in the UK by our own team of garment technologist, pattern cutters and product development.

HAZTEC® – this range is the most comprehensive for the choice of Women’s garments available and is produced using Inherent FR fabrics.

ORKA® – this is a small range of garments that are produced with Treated FR fabrics and within this range we offer the Magnus Ladies Coverall.

For more information regarding the difference between Inherent and Treated fabrics, refer to the last paragraph of this article.

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Why choose HAZTEC® and ORKA® for your Women’s FR Workwear?

Matching Product Range

Hazchem Safety have developed the Women’s styles in the range to match the Men’s garments we have had in production for several years. As a result, your whole team will match and give a better overall corporate look and have a better Team spirit.

Fast Development

With so much feedback coming from the End Users regarding Women’s Workwear, we are ready to continue to adapt as required. Our team is very flexible and can prototype and push to production any new concepts we receive from our wearers. This is a significant fact when comparing products to large brand names where your comments and feedback may not be heard, and unlikely to be acted on for a significant amount of time.

Stock Supported

HAZTEC® has what is probably the biggest stock supported range of Women’s FR ARC Workwear available in the UK. There are now many models in the range that are available including Polo Shirts, Trousers, Jackets and Coveralls.

Great Feedback from Wearers

HAZTEC® Women’s FR ARC Workwear is already worn by many large end users in the UK and as a result of the development done on this product range, the garments get great reviews and feedback.

Talk to Hazchem about HAZTEC® and ORKA® FR ARC Workwear

Want to find out more? Just reach out to the sales team at Hazchem and we’ll be happy to discuss. Where required, they have direct access to the product development team to answer any other questions you may have. Just email sales@hazchemsafety.com or call +44 (0)1280 841400!

What is the different between Inherent and Treated FR Fabrics?

The properties of Inherent FR fabrics mean that the FR protective properties will not wash out or diminish during the lifetime of the fabric. Treated FR fabrics on the other hand achieve their FR properties by the application of a chemical and are typically certified to still have their FR properties up to a maximum of 50, or occasionally 100 washes.

Larger end users are choosing Inherent fabrics for peace of mind when equipping their workforce. Another significant benefit is that Inherent fabrics are often lighter in weight than their Treated counterparts for the same levels of protection that the garment offers, which ultimately results in a more comfortable garment for the wearer.

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