What are flame retardant overalls?

Flame retardant overalls are used in many industries to protect workers in hazardous conditions.

Choosing the appropriate protection is paramount for anyone working around open flames, including welders, electricians, engineers and drivers. Flame retardant clothing goes through rigorous design and testing to ensure that it is fit for purpose. We supply a wide range of flame-retardant overalls in both 1-piece and 2-piece for different situations.

What are flame retardant overalls?

How does flame-retardant clothing work?

Flame retardant clothing works by utilising special fabrics (Haztec uses Modacrylic) and coatings (this applies to our ORKA range) that can withstand high temperatures and ignition or have the ability to self-extinguish rather than burst open and expose the skin. This minimises the risk to the wearer and grants them valuable escape time in an emergency.

If the clothing you are wearing is not fire resistant it will continue to burn until it’s extinguished or until it has burnt away. Some will also melt onto the wearer’s body and cause significant injuries.

Flame retardant overalls and other protective garments are crafted from carefully chosen materials. Common choices include materials like Nomex, Kevlar, and Modacrylic, all of which have excellent flame-resistant qualities. Some natural materials, such as cotton, are naturally resistant to flames and can be treated with chemicals to boost their heat resistance and protective qualities.

The result for both is broadly similar: protective clothing that won’t keep burning when the source of combustion is removed, won’t ignite easily, and won’t melt.

Choosing the right flame-resistant clothing for the job

There’s no one size fits all solution to fire protection, so it’s important to choose the correct items for the situation. Different flame-resistant materials offer different benefits and what protects a person in one setting might not be suitable for another. Flame-resistant clothing also won’t protect against explosive forces, projectiles, and other hazards professionals may encounter while at work.

Flame retardant clothing is identified by the following standards:

EN ISO 11611 EN470 – designed to protect workers in welding processes

EN ISO 11612:2008 – garments made from flexible materials, which are designed to protect the wearer’s body, except the hands, from heat and/or flame.

EN ISO 14116 EN533 – lower-level flame-resistant protective garments such as socks, rainwear and hi-visibility waistcoats.

EN 61482-1-2:2007 – garments intended for use in heat- and flame-resistant clothing for workers exposed to electric arcs.

More information about EN standards can be found on our EN information page

Many professionals choose to wear protective clothing over their normal attire, such as overalls, high-visibility jackets, bomber jackets, and coveralls. However, flame-resistant clothes are not fireproof, it is essential for professionals to avoid wearing synthetic garments under their protective clothing.

Flame retardant clothing has a bit of a reputation for being bulky and cumbersome, but technological advancements have led to more comfortable and stylish options. You can now find fire-resistant jeans, shirts, polo tops, T-shirts, and even hoodies.

From a safety point of view, heat-protective clothing should always have a slightly baggy fit as skin-tight clothes can transfer heat more easily to the skin.


Hazchem Safety’s flame retardant overalls provide protection for all workers in hazardous industries. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality protective gear to keep you safe on the job, look no further than Hazchem Safety’s flame proof overalls!

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