Can you wash flame-retardant overalls?

Maintaining Safety and Durability: How to Safely Wash and Care for Your Flame-Retardant Overalls

TLDR; Can you wash flame retardant overalls? The short answer is, YES!

More specifically though it is best to follow the instructions on the care label, see example shown below. You can see the Wash Care Information near the bottom of the label. 


CE Care Label HAZTEC Workwear

We suggest that the cooler the temperature you wash it, the longer the garment will last. And, of course, it will save your energy bills if you wash at a lower temperature!

But there is more to washing FR clothing than just following the above. Some FR clothing – known as treated FR clothing can only be wash 50 times before it loses its Flame resistant properties. The benefit of these products is that they are cheaper to purchase, our ORKA Magnus coverall is an example of this.

You can avoid this problem altogether though by using inherent flame resistant products like our Haztec products.

These garments remain flame resistant throughout the life of the garment no matter how many times you wash them!

If you aren’t sure what we mean by a coverall they are also know as:

  • welding overalls
  • jumpsuit
  • flame retardant overalls s
  • boiler suit
  • fire retardant overalls
  • flame retardant coveralls
  • fire proof overalls
  • flame proof overalls
  • flame retardant boiler suits

Finally, a word on industrial launders. Home washing is better, because there is more control over the temperature the garments are washed at.  But a lot of our garments are industrially washed and they perform well.

The info in this blog applies to all of our Haztec and ORKA products, including our Womens FR workwear range.

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Hazchem Safety’s flame retardant overalls are durable and long lasting, providing protection for all workers in hazardous environments. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality protective gear to keep you safe on the job, look no further than Hazchem Safety’s flame proof overalls!

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