The UK’s 10 Point Plan to Lead a Green Industrial Revolution.

‘This year has taken a very different path from any we expected, but I have not lost sight of our ambitious plans to unite and level up our country’ – Boris Johnson, Nov. 2020

1 year before the UK are set to host the United Nations Cop26 Summit in Glasgow, Boris Johnson and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have published a Ten Point Plan to instigate a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, to tackle both the Global Climate Emergency and the UK’s Unemployment Crisis.

The more ambitious approach includes shorter deadlines and additional investments in a bid to counteract the damage done by COVID-19 to Net Zero progress, the Economy, and the to-date, 1.7 million unemployed UK citizens, roughly 5% of the population, the worst unemployment rate in 5 years. Read the Full Document here.


In short, the Plan outlines the ways in which the UK Government are going to rebuild after the brute impact of the global pandemic, taking advantage of this opportunity to restart, supporting especially ‘Green Jobs’ and gaining more momentum towards NET ZERO, which we are legally obligated to achieve by 2050.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, describes this 10 Point Plan as ‘the Greenest Manifesto in the UK’S history’.

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With focus on further Innovation in Offshore Wind, Low Carbon Hydrogen use, Nuclear Power, Zero Emission Vehicles, Green ships, and Greener Buildings, the UK plans to become a Global Leader in the realm of Green Technologies, by injecting a £12 Billion Government Investment, as well as almost 3 times this much from the Private Sector, which will also create potentially 250,000 Green Jobs.


  1. Advancing Offshore Wind

To power every home by Wind Energy, by investing £160 million into ports and manufacturing infrastructure, scaling up floating windfarms, supporting 60,000 jobs in 2030.

Investment: £160 million              Jobs: 60,000       Proposed date: 2030

  1. Driving the Growth of Low Carbon Hydrogen

To reduce emissions of gas used by 7% with lower carbon heating and cooking, supported by a £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, generating 8,000 jobs by 2030 and a potential 100,000 in 2050, and aiming to generate 5GW of low carbon Hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Investment: £240 million              Jobs: 8,000/100,000        Proposed date: 2030/2050

‘You cook your breakfast using Hydrogen Power before getting in your Electric Car, having Charged it overnight from Batteries made in the Midlands.’ – B. Johnson

  1. Delivering New and Advanced Nuclear Power

To make use of clean, low-carbon electricity through large-scale Nuclear projects with funding of £385 million, and small modular reactors, built in factories and assembled on site, using an investment of £215 million. Research and development in this area will be injected with £170 million, all together supporting a peak of 10,000 jobs.

Investment: £670 million              Jobs: 10,000       Proposed date: Before 2050

  1. Accelerating the shift to Zero Emission Vehicles

To stop sales of new Petrol and Diesel cars by 2030 rather than by 2040, and hybrid vehicles by 2035. £2.8 million will support the manufacture of Zero Emissions vehicles in the West Midlands, Wales and the North, providing 40,000 jobs in 2030.

To add speed to the roll out of charging points on motorways and major roads, near homes and workplaces to ensure charging is just as easy as re-fuelling.

To work towards a date for phasing out HGVs sales, with £20 million spent on freight trials and zero emission lorries.

Investment: £3 billion +                Jobs: 40,000       Proposed date: 2030 (previously 2040)

  1. Green Public Transport, Cycling and Walking

To improve air quality, mental and physical health whilst reducing emissions via the implication of more cycle lanes, zero-emission buses, enhanced rail networks with more frequent services and integration with other transport, delivering 3,000 jobs by 2025, with an investment of £5 billion.

‘Around you the air is cleaner, and the trucks and trains, ships and planes are running on Hydrogen or a Synthetic Fuel.’ – B. Johnson

Investment: £5 billion                    Jobs: 3,000          Proposed date: 2025

  1. Jet Zero and Green Ships

To Drive the use of sustainable aviation fuels and 5,200 jobs created, aircrafts and infrastructure of air and seaports, by investing over £50 million on FLYZERO research, SAF fuel production and the Clean Maritime Demonstration Programme.

Investment: £50 million                Jobs: 5,200          Proposed date: 2030-2050

  1. Greener Buildings

To implement energy efficient heat pumps within homes, hospitals, schools, and workplaces to generate 50,000 jobs, aiming for the installation of 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, improving energy efficiency of 2.8 million homes, in place of fossil fuel heating with the Green Homes Grant and Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

Investment: £1 billion                    Jobs: 50,000                      Proposed date: 2030

  1. Investing in Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS)

To use CCUS technology and £1 billion, to capture 4 million car’s worth of annual emissions, and storing it deep under the seabed or underground, away from the atmosphere. Aiming for 4 sites by 2030, CCUS could create 50,000 jobs by 2030

Investment: £1 billion                    Jobs: 50,000       Proposed date: 2025-2030

  1. Protecting our Natural Environment

To safeguard the natural carbon capture provided by our landscapes, by creating new National Parks, habitats for animals and green jobs. To use a £40 million Green Recovery Challenge fund, to plant 30,000 hectors of trees per year by 2025 and investing into flood defences, which by itself could create 20,000 jobs.

Investment: £2 billion +                Jobs: 20,000       Proposed date: 2025-2027

  1. Green Finance and Innovation

To nurture better products, strategies, and business models to bring down the costs associated with reaching NET ZERO.

Investment: £1 billion                    Jobs: 100,000+                  Proposed date: 2030


As well, as the ‘green jobs’ generated in the above-mentioned areas, Boris Johnson has also taken time to mention the following jobs that are going to be available in abundance in the upcoming years, as well as Geographic Hotspots for these opportunities:

MIDLANDS – Electric Vehicle Technicians

NORTH EAST & WALES – Installation Workers

NORTH WEST – Specialists in advanced fuels

SCOTLAND – Agroforestry Practitioners

UK WIDE – Grid System Installers


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