RIS-3279-TOM is the standard for protective clothing that meets the minimum technical criteria of Hi-Visibility clothing specifically for the UK Rail Industry.

A brief overview of RIS-3279-TOM, the standard for Railway Workwear

RIS-3279-TOM Issue 1:2016 Railway Workwear Standard for Hi-Visibility Clothing

RIS-3279-TOM is a standard for protective clothing that meets the minimum technical criteria of Hi-Visibility clothing specifically for the UK rail industry, and is designed to provide rail drivers, engineers and permanent way professionals with a conspicuous warning of the presence of people on the lineside or near the line.

The background fabric, retro-reflective material and design of the garment must meet the requirements of the European standard for Hi-Visibility clothing EN ISO 20471, with fluorescent and reflective areas meeting a minimum of Class 2, based on a classification system from Class 1 to Class 3.

The use of Hi-Visibility material increases conspicuousness in daylight, and EN ISO 20471 permits the use of three different background colours for this purpose: yellow, orange-red and red. However, RIS-3279-TOM is applicable to Hi-Visibility Orange garments only, confined to specific coordinates of the colour spectrum. The colour parameters are more precise than those for EN ISO 20471 orange-red in order to prevent the selection of colour towards the red end of the spectrum, often resulting in a brighter, more luminant orange than that required by EN ISO 20471.

The positioning and properties of the retro-reflective material on our railway workwear is designed to increase conspicuousness in darkness or poor visibility. The photometric properties are enhanced when the material reflects a light source (in this case train headlights), which therefore increases visibility on or near the line.

Where high visibility clothing is required but the nature of the work does not involve obscuring of the PPE, mini vests are permitted by RIS-3279-TOM. These are designed to have reduced areas of fluorescent and reflective material and must meet the minimum area requirements as defined by RIS-3279-TOM, which fall into the upper criteria of EN ISO 20471 Class 1.

Railway Workwear

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