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Find out more below on how Hazchem can become your online safety suppler of choice.

Who is Red Wing Safety?

Red Wing Safety has been a major brand in the UK safety workwear and accessory market for many years, with products for the Offshore Industry in particular. More recently however, Red Wing Safety has not been selling their products online which can lead to challenges for purchasing managers, individuals and companies that are seeking to reduce human interaction for efficiency and to reduce the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there an Alternative Safety Product Online Supplier to Red Wing Safety?

Yes! There are a wide range of suppliers that specialise in one type of safety product or service. But how about if you could get all your safety supplies from one trusted source with a dedicated account manager and the ability to order online? Is this possible? Yes!

Hazchem Safety can tick all those boxes and be your trusted safety supplier with online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Order your safety supplies online, at your convenience from the safety of your office via

What Safety Supplies can Hazchem offer vs Red Wing Safety?

Red Wing Safety specialises in safety footwear, workwear, and accessories specific to the Red Wing Brand.

Hazchem, on the other hand, seeks to cover a broader range of safety products and are focused on the purpose and the safety challenges the products solve rather than one specific brand.

Hazchem can supply the following range of safety supplies throughout The UK including heavy industry areas such as Aberdeen and east coast support bases for the North Sea offshore platforms:

What is the advantage of choosing Hazchem?

The Hazchem advantage, in addition to those detailed above, is that as a purchasing manager, you will be set up with a dedicated account manager that will be able to guide you on any questions regarding your orders. Adding this human touch, via email or phone, is where Hazchem can really add value to your safety supply procurement to ensure you get the best products for the job.

In conclusion, when you choose Hazchem as your safety supply provider, you are becoming another company among 100’s who already benefit from:

  • All Safety Supplies from a single supplier
  • One Invoice, so less paperwork for the accounts department
  • Order tracking system
  • Online ordering ability for all products (via our Website or the Lynx-Intellisafe online ordering portal)
  • Dedicated account manager

Ready to join the Hazchem family? Contact us to get started with your online account or simply start to shop online now – Hazchem: Safety You Can Trust.

SF6255 V12 Rocky Zip Sided Waterproof Hiker Boot
FR7341 ORKA Flametherm II Cold Weather Coverall
impact gloves
Thermal PPE Kit
DK0036 Petrochemical Emergency Response Kit
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