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Latex Fully Coated THERMAL Stop ‘N’ Go CUT D Glove

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Double Colour Concept • Fully Coated • CUT D Protection

A fully coatd Latex glove with a durable Thermal liner for additional winter warmth and featuring the unique Stop ‘N’ Go concept of a red palm and green back. Operatives simply rotate their hands for a quick visual display for vehicle and machinery drivers around them.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Fabric: Polycotton liner, Fully Coated Latex finish.
  • Thermal liner for additional winter warmth.
  • CUT D Protection.
  • Unique Stop ‘N’ Go concept for workers operating around vehicles.
  • Simple Green and Red concept – excellent visual Stop/Go signals with the hand.
  • Lightweight glove with a durable liner that is ideal for general handling.
  • Offers excellent comfort and durability in a wide variety of workplaces.
  • Low mechanical hazard handling with wet surfaces/objects.
  • Offers improved grip with a gristled finish to the palm.


  • EN ISO 21420:2020
  • EN 388:2016
  • EN 511:2006

SKU: GL4178

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Glove Size 7/S, Glove Size 8/M, Glove Size 9/L, Glove Size 10/XL, Glove Size 11/2XL

Blade Cut Resistance



EN ISO 21420, EN 388 (Protective Gloves), EN 511 (Gloves for Cold Protection)


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