Kong Waterproof and Cold Weather Glove

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Durable • Washable • High Grip Impact Gloves

Ideal for offshore workwear and in oily conditions,  Kong cold weather work gloves are the ideal waterproof rigger gloves for cold, windy, or wet conditions on the rig, wind turbine, or in the fields and moors. Impact gloves that are oil-proof, windproof and waterproof and offer the rugged protection and the back of hand impact protection that the oil and gas industry needs.

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Cold weather work gloves version of the Kong Original impact gloves. Ideal for offshore work and oily conditions. The IRONCLAD Cold Condition Waterproof is perfect for cold, windy, wet conditions on the rig or in the fields. It’s oil proof, windproof and waterproof and offers the rugged protection and back of hand impact protection that the Oil and Gas industry demands.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable construction
  • Washable cold weather work gloves
  • High grip


  • EN 388: 2016 (3242)

SKU – GL2222

Ironclad Gloves Video – How Impact Gloves Are Tested With University Of Wisconsin:


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