3YE 1203 ADR Orange Plates For Petrol Tanker Trucks

£51.25 excl. VAT.

Petrol Tanker Warning Panel • Class 3 Flammable Liquid

This 3YE 1203 ADR Orange Plate is suitable for a petrol tanker carrying motor spirit or gasoline fuel, this kind of orange placard on truck is designed to the correct layout for E10 petrol tanker trucks with the UN code, hazard diamond sign and specialist advice phone number area at the bottom.

For illustration purposes this shows our Aberdeen workwear trade counter’s phone number as well as the flammable symbol.

Please specify the UN code 3YE, emergency action code, and specialist advice phone number for your organisation if needed.  This lightweight aluminium plate will fit the VS0100 ADR warning panel holder product.

Order orange panels using the Hazchem Sign Generator here. If you have any questions or anxieties concerning ADR signs, please do contact us at https://www.hazchemsafety.com/contact-us/

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