It’s essential that all eyewear in the PPE industry has the
correct UV certification
to mitigate any risk of personal injury.

Head to Toe Protection – UV Safety Eyewear for Summer

According to RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind people) 4.1 million people will be affected by sight loss in the UK by 2050, so implementing preventative measures and using suitable safety eyewear where people are exposed, is essential.  

 A combination of increased UV rays and varied light conditions in summer months can have a detrimental effect, both in the short-term and long-term, and cause lasting damage if the proper protection isn’t worn when needed.

It’s essential that all eyewear in the PPE industry has the correct UV certification to mitigate any risk of personal injury, and the product should also be best suited to the needs of the wearer for ultimate efficiency and comfort.  

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When selecting safety eyewear for your workforce, it’s important to consider all essential specifications, including the fit of the frames on the face, the lens choice and application, and the lens tint. Hazchem Safety has multiple products and variants of each specification to suit every need. Shop the latest industry, here.

It is essential that all eyewear has the correct the UV certification and conforms to EN 166, the European Norm, for personal eye protection requirements in general. Safety glasses in accordance with this EN Norm consist of a frame and lenses, which are classified according to multiple standards into safety lenses and lenses with a filter effect. It’s imperative that these standards are met when arming your team with PPE. Read more about it here or chat to a member of our expert team to learn more.

Hazchem Safety stocks a full range of eye wear type, including the safety over spectacle and spectacle. Our safety spectacles are all EN approved, and we have various products including anti-scratch products, fog safety spectacles and adjustable frames. We also have blue mirror, clear and indoor/outdoor lens’ available. To shop our EN approved products, including 166, 170 and – click here.  

Our team can offer expert advice to ensure the best fit for your team. We are a trusted, innovative & agile partner – ready to help you today and provide complete safety solutions.  

Invest in your safety.  

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