Discover how our Mobile Showroom simplifies choosing the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

Ill-fitting PPE isn’t just uncomfortable – it can compromise the safety of the wearer as well. Not everyone can make the journey to our offices in Buckingham or Aberdeen to ensure that they get the perfect fit, and constantly returning and reordering supplies can be soul destroying. We needed a solution that ensured that everyone gets the perfect fit – the Hazchem Showroom & Sizing Van!

At Hazchem Safety, we value the importance of properly fitting PPE. We acknowledge the difficulty in finding the perfect size, especially with varying sizes between brands. Our mobile showroom service aims to streamline the process of finding the perfect fit by letting everyone try on our PPE for size. We will work with you to arrange a visit at your convenience, bringing a van stocked with options for your team to try. We take note of each person’s size, offer a detailed quote, and upon your approval, deliver your safety wear at your convenience. This assures that your team receives well-fitted PPE, promoting both safety and comfort, and you’re not stuck sending items back and forth.

Sizing Van 1

Our mobile showroom and sizing services are available across the UK. We make various tours of different regions, and we can arrange a visit to you if we’re not due in your area soon. Contact us to find out when we’ll be in your region or to request a visit to your location, via email at or by calling us at 01280 841400. We will discuss your requirements, preferred dates, and the specific PPE items you are interested in.

We will ensure that the van is fully stocked with PPE options tailored to your field, allowing customers to view, touch, and test the products before making a purchase decision. Additionally, knowledgeable staff accompany our mobile showrooms, providing expert guidance, answering questions, and offering recommendations based on customers’ specific needs.

Best of all, a visit from our mobile showroom is a complimentary service. Any PPE items ordered following the sizing session will be quoted and charged accordingly. We aim to provide a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

Hazchem’s mobile showroom serves as a mobile extension of our business, enabling us to reach a broader audience and offer a personalised experience tailored to your location and requirements. Ensure the perfect fit for your safety gear with our PPE sizing services. Visit PPE Sizing Experts to book your personalised consultation today.

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