HS2 PPE & Workwear provision, on your doorstep!

Diverse range of RIS-3279-TOM Hi-Vis Garments for Visibility & Protection for workers in the Rail and Highways Industries


Over 30 contracts have been granted to take High Speed Two (HS2), from a plan to a reality. The huge project will connect major cities in Britain, including the home to our HQ, here in Northamptonshire. Phase one of the proposed route passes through our local region, counting for 20.7km of the journey, making Hazchem Safety Ltd, your local providers of rail PPE and workwear.

Hazchem are as invested in your safety as HS2, offering Speedy Delivery, Tailored Advice, and a Large Range of Relevant HS2 PPE and RIS-3279-TOM garments.

The Neighbour who Deliver

Hazchem Safety Ltd, are located on the outskirts of the town of Brackley, located no more than a mile from the nearest HS2 works on the line in Northamptonshire. Located just off the A43 Hazchem has excellent road links giving quick and easy access to all sites up and down the HS2 line.

Bringing you what You Need!

Arrangements can be set up for Same Day Delivery of product to local sites within approx. 1 hours driving distance of our distribution facility and Next Day Delivery to all other locations. If you would prefer to sample or try items on that’s not a problem, please call us to arrange a visit to our showroom and we will very gladly accommodate.

HAZCHEM Rail ppe and technical workwear

‘Rail’ Industry Specialists

Hazchem are Experts in providing PPE for the Rail Industry, so you can concentrate on being experts in yours, whether that’s Modular Track Engineering, Civil Design or Station Construction, we can provide you with the Technical Workwear you need to ensure the Highest Level of Safety.

Current contracts with large players in the rail industry, including the Freightliner Group, mean Hazchem are already Fully Stocked in your neighbouring, Northamptonshire Distribution Centre.

Key products in the range include:

HAZTEC® Mercury Hi-Vis RIS FR AS ARC Jacket,  is a perfect fit for a project as substantial as HS2, due to Innovative RIS-PLUS Technology that survives washing. Double-stitched, 5cm Reflective Tape offers Durability, extending life cycle of the product, proving Cost Effective whilst protecting your employees and the environment.

CE Certified Fabric and Components make this jacket function with the Highest Standard of Safety, which have been proven through rigorous testing.

Inherent fabric with FR and AS properties incorporated within the fibres of this jacket, ensures longevity, suitability for washing and enhanced protection.

The No-Spark, Military plastic zipper and poppers, and an extended, reflective jacket tail, further protect the wearer from Arc Flash, Flame and heat sources.

CLICK HERE to read more specifications on this product. SKU – AS1000

Our ARC FFLASH R AS Hi-Vis range also includes, Trousers, Coveralls and Polo Shirts. Shop the full range HERE.

Bespoke Service

Hazchem know how important safety is, as well as the challenges associated you can face when it comes to protecting your valuable employees on large or smaller scale projects. That’s why we offer onsite visits from our expert team to provide detailed advice and tailored recommendations, so you never have to gamble on your team’s safety.

Working Together

HS2 are committed to the highest safety and environmental standards and Hazchem are seeking to deliver on both counts, through efficient provision of quality, properly Certified technical workwear, sourced through a green supply chain and made from 100% recycled materials where possible.

Our focus on High Quality garments, from fabric to fastenings, ensure long product life without the need to replace quickly, and therefore less use of Raw materials and our Planet’s Resources.

To learn more about how we consider the environment in our operations, CLICK HERE

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