How the UKCA Mark will be integrated into HAZTEC® FR Workwear

The ‘Essential Requirements’ for UKCA marking FR Workwear are in most parts the same as those CE standards which FR Workwear under the HAZTEC® brand

From the 1st January this year, the new UK product marking – UKCA – will start to be used alongside the CE marking, for products sold on the UK market.

CE marking is used to show a product’s compliance with EU safety, health, environmental and compliance regulations. Products with the CE marking can be sold freely throughout the European continent, a fact which will remain.

However, certain goods which require this CE marking will need indefinitely from the 1st January 2023, the UKCA marking, in order to be sold in the UK.

What does this mean for FR Workwear?

As FR Workwear is required to be CE marked, this means it will also now need the UKCA marking if it is to be sold in the UK.

The ‘Essential Requirements’ for UKCA marking FR Workwear are in most parts the same as those CE standards which FR Workwear under the HAZTEC® brand, already conforms by.

HAZTEC® Workwear user information sheet and care label marking will therefore be upgraded to also show the UKCA mark during the course of 2021-2022.

 How do I check my FR Workwear has the correct marking?

Each garment or product comes with either an affixed label showing the CE & UKCA markings or supporting documentation in situations in which a label cannot be fixed.

Existing stock which has been fully manufactured before 1st January 2023, may still have only the CE marking, so you may have FR workwear without the UKCA marking, until you replace your garments. During the transition period, you may also find garments with the UKCA mark on the packaging and not on the product itself. This is ok and these garments still comply with legislation, and they are still safe to use.

Will there be a change in supply of HAZTEC® FR Workwear?

The UKCA and CE marks do not imply the place of manufacture, but rather the market in which the product is intended to be sold. HAZTEC® FR Garments will still be manufactured in Europe, using the same quality fabric and components, now with the added UKCA marking.


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