Hazchem Company Values
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Find out about our visual strategy, and how our Graphic Designer incorporates our Company Values into our Print & Digital Content.

Agility, Honesty, Innovation, Positivity, Reliability

Our Company Values

Our company values are Agility, Honesty, Innovation, Positivity, Reliability, along with our dedicated Customer Focus. It is these values that are the driving force behind our design decisions to create an authentic customer experience.

When it comes to our digital content on Social Media such as our Linkedin Profile, our focus is to share visual information that embodies the values whilst creating an Honest and Reliable customer experience. We show our products on real people in the real world, so what you see is exactly what you get, full transparency.

We invest in product photoshoots to generate product imagery that shows our Innovative products in a truthful light.

It is important for us to be aware of Global issues and events so that we are relevant and Agile with our approach to workwear. This starts in our Procurement department, where products are selected based on current needs, and comes back round to us in Marketing, where we work out how to best give new product information to our customers.

At all times Positivity is a big part of who we are, visually and operationally. We try to bring this to our design with use of vibrant imagery and engaging layouts, so that looking through our literature is both enjoyable and informative.

My favourite thing to do as part of our product brochures, is incorporate graphic icons that help the reader identify key product features, as not everyone as time to read descriptions. We want all parts of the customer experience to be seamless, you should not have to work hard to find a product or it’s specifications, and so we are continuously refining our website and brochure design to be easy to navigate and eye-catching.

Our Brands  

As part of Hazchem, we also have to consider the visual identity of our in-house brands: HAZTEC and ORKA. Again built on the same company values, with Innovation at the fore front, we are striving to create contemporary workwear brands that offer:
1. High quality Technical Workwear
2. Relevant Brand Identities that grow and change with the wearers.

Branding of HAZTEC and ORKA is completely focused on the wearer, extending far beyond just the product, but to the garment tag, labels, web pages, brochures and social media content, so that the wearer can feel great in a contemporary workwear brand.

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