What is Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame-Resistant Clothing: What It Is and Why You Need It

Flame resistant clothing, also known as Flame retardant clothing is made to protect the wearer from heat and flame.

Many garments that are flame resistant also, are anti-static and arc flash rated. In this guide we will dig further into what FR clothing is and why it is needed. So, to explain what FR clothing is you have to understand how it works.

How FR Clothing (FRC) works

Flame retardant clothing works by utilising special fabrics (Haztec uses Modacrylic) and coatings (this applies to our ORKA range) that can withstand high temperatures and ignition or have the ability to self-extinguish rather than burst open and expose the skin. This minimizes the risk to the wearer and grants them valuable escape time in an emergency.

If the clothing you are wearing is not fire resistant it will continue to burn until it’s extinguished or until it has burnt away. Some will also melt onto the wearer’s body and cause significant injuries.

Flame retardant overalls and other protective garments are crafted from carefully chosen materials. Common choices include materials like Nomex, Kevlar, and Modacrylic, all of which have excellent flame-resistant qualities. Some natural materials, such as cotton, are naturally resistant to flames and can be treated with chemicals to boost their heat resistance and protective qualities.

What is Flame Resistant Clothing

Who needs FR clothing?

FR clothing is required across a range of industries where the risk of flame is high. Hazchem supply it into many industries – to name a few – Petrochemical, Offshore energy, renewables, solvents & paints, bioenergy, gas, fuel transport and aviation. It is up to a companies HSE dept and risk assessments to decide on whether FR Clothing is required.

The EN standards for FR Clothing are regulated by different bodies and working groups, for example the Office for Product Safety and Standards and the Health & safety Executive.

Choosing the right FR clothing

The first key decision when choosing FR workwear, is selecting Mens or womens fit. Hazchem is proud to have a full womens range. Secondly, choose whether you want treated fabric or inherent fabric. Then the type of garment should be chosen – polo, t-shirt, jacket, trousers and coveralls.


Overall, it is so important to have flame resistant clothing if there is a heat and flame risk.

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