Dry Ice Safe Handling & Transportation (UN1845)

Cryogenic protection, defending you against cold burns and frostbite. Hazchem Safety, committed to shielding you from frigid temperatures.

Cryogenic protection, defending you against cold burns and frostbite

Dry Ice Safe Handling & Transporting (UN 1845)

With the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine having to be stored and transported at -70ºC, dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide, is becoming an essential substance. Carbon Dioxide sublimes from gas to solid at -78ºC, so dry ice is at least this cold. It is a hazardous chemical and only properly instructed people should handle it. If you’re coming into contact with dry ice for even a short period of time cold burns and frostbite are serious risks – dry ice safe handling is a necessity.

Cryogenic protection is the answer, defending you against the frigid temperatures. The cyrokit® provides all the equipment you need in one portable case. It includes cryogenic gloves, apron and overshoes as well as a face shield to ensure all the required safety when handling cold substances.

Any company transporting bulk quantities of dry ice (UN1845) will require the driver to be ADR trained and the vehicle will need the relevant ADR signage and safety equipment to comply with ADR Transport Class 9 regulations. When storing or transporting dry ice, the potential for a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere developing, and therefore a risk of asphyxiation, must be considered as the ice sublimes from a solid to a gaseous state. A few ways to reduce the risk include making sure ventilation in good, keeping the dry ice well insulated and with a secure lid to reduce the rate of sublimation and avoiding transportation in the cab of a vehicle.

Where can I purchase the Cryogenic PPE Safety Kits?

Orders can be placed online or by email/telephone using the Contact Us page. We are more than happy to discuss your particular requirements and assemble an alternative kit to your specification.

Dry Ice Safe Handling Cryogenic Kit
GL9822 Cryogenic Cold Protection Gauntlet
AS9556 Cryogenic Protective Apron 1
Browguard & Visor
Hazchem ADR Kit Bag (without contents) 65 Litre Capacity
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