Dirty, damaged or over-washed Hi-Visibility garments can put you and your Team at risk. Does your PPE comply?

Don’t gamble your safety on dirty or contaminated Hi-Visibility Workwear.

Did you know Hi-Vis garments require a minimum area of Hi-Visibility fabric to comply with Health and Safety Regulations?

Dirt, stains, ripped or covered parts of your Hi-Visibility PPE can reduce this minimum area of EN ISO 20471 (the part of the garment that is classed as Hi-Vis) and can deem your garment as non-compliant with the European or UK Standards…in other words, you lost some of your Hi-Visibility and now it does not offer the same protection.

Compliant Hi-Visibility JacketNon-Compliant Hi-Visibility Jacket

Why it’s important

Hi-Visibility clothing helps drivers see you up to 3 seconds earlier at night. These 3 seconds could be lifesaving and so checking that your PPE is fully compliant before donning can also be considered as lifesaving.

What to do

Inspect your Hi-Vis Garments daily and before each use. Dusty workplaces can cause quicker staining and you may not even notice without proper inspection.

Do not use your Hi-Visibility clothing if it has been washed more than the recommended amount of times. Washing depletes the Hi-Visibility properties in the fabric, so make sure to check the label of your garment.

What to look out for

  • Stains
  • Dirt
  • Rips or tears in the fabric or reflective tape
  • Wear of the fabric or reflective tape
  • Fading from washing or harsher elements
  • Anything covering the garment such as other garments, backpacks etc.

What next

Do not wear your Hi-Visibility garment if you have any doubts about its conformity. Wash your garment if dirty or soiled or replace for a new one if washing does not remove the contamination. You also need to replace your garment if it is worn, ripped or torn.