ATEX Torches are designed for us in potentially explosive enviroments and are not capable of releasing enough electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal circumstances to cause ignition.

ATEX Torches for use in Hazardous Work Environments & Explosive Atmospheres

The PL0008 ATEX Torches supplied by Hazchem Safety Ltd and used on oil platforms along with offshore workwear and in many of our PPE Kits, is an intrinsically safe product certified to the highest level.

This ATEX safety certified Dual-Light Flashlight light and ATEX head lamps are not capable of releasing enough electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal circumstances to cause ignition, even in a Zone 0 environment. The light is rated IP-67 water/dustproof and puts out 240 lumens with an impressive beam distance of 170 meters. The torch has been tested and approved not only to ATEX but is also listed as Intrinsically Safe Permissible by cETLus, IECEx, INMETRO and MSHA meaning it can be used in potentially explosive environments anywhere in the World.


Illumination is provided by latest technology LED, giving high power output with exceptionally low power consumption, prolonging battery life, reducing waste disposal, removing the requirement for replacement bulbs, and virtually eliminating heat output. The dual body switches provide momentary or constant-on functionality for the flashlight and on/off functionality for the floodlight.

Three illumination options for use in multiple working environments:

  1. Flashlight – high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector to create a usable flashlight beam rated at 170 meters. Both momentary and constant-on functionality for the flashlight.
  2. Floodlight – 120 lumens unfocused floodlight providing illumination perfect for close-up work.
  3. Dual-Light– both flashlight and floodlight can be simultaneously turned on providing maximum versatility. This is exceptionally useful when working in areas with potential trip hazards; the floodlight pointing down illuminates the area immediately around the users’ feet, whilst the flashlight illuminates the way ahead.


Three components are necessary to create an explosion;

  1. Flammable material– A gas, vapor, or mist.
  2. Oxygen– Oxygen,­ regular breathable air, is sufficient.
  3. Ignition Source– Extreme heat or a spark.

In a flammable atmosphere environment, special precautions must be taken to prevent catastrophic explosions. All portable lighting must be specifically engineered to avoid a spark from occurring and igniting any flammable vapors or explosive mists. In some cases, these vapors and mists can be colorless and odorless, making them especially dangerous.

Commercial worksites have different hazardous areas classified at a specific level called a “Zone.” All equipment safety ratings must be carefully selected based on the most dangerous Zone it may encounter; therefore, it is critical to identify the Zone in which you will be working.

Detailed information is available online,, but let’s take a simplified look at the specific characteristics of each Zone.

ATEX Torches

Zone 0

An area in which an explosive atmosphere is always present.

Zone 1

An area in which explosive atmospheres are likely to occur during regular operation. This may be due to leakage, scheduled maintenance, or emergency repairs.

Zone 2

An area in which an explosive atmosphere does not occur during normal operation, or for a short period of time only. This is usually the result of an accident or other unusual operating conditions.

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We know that refineries/terminals are becoming more stringent on the correct PPE being worn when loading gas, so it is important you have suitable PPE.

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