Are boiler suits flame retardant?

If you work in the energy and petrochemical industry, you know the importance of wearing the right protective clothing.

One type of garment that has always been popular is the boiler suit. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, boiler suits are designed to provide full-body coverage and protection from dirt, dust, and physical hazards, including flame, spark, static and chemical. However, not all boiler suits are created equal when it comes to protection against fire or heat.

Flame retardant boiler suit

One key factor to consider when choosing a boiler suit is whether it is fire retardant/flame resistant. These terms refer to materials treated with chemicals to slow down or prevent the spread of fire. If you work in an industry where fire or heat is a risk, such as welding or oil and gas processing, you may be required to wear flame-retardant clothing – such as our Haztec and ORKA garments.

When researching and shopping for flame retardant boiler suits or coveralls, it’s essential to look for garments that meet industry standards such as EN ISO 11612 and EN 11611. These standards ensure that the garment has been tested and meets specific requirements for flame resistance and other protective properties.

It’s also worth noting that boiler suits and coveralls are not the same as jumpsuits. While they may look similar, jumpsuits are typically designed for fashion purposes rather than for protection in industrial settings.

For women who need flame-retardant overalls, several options are available, see Hazchem’s range of women’s flame-retardant overalls. These garments provide the same level of protection as men’s overalls but are designed to fit a woman’s body.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a boiler suit or coverall, consider whether it is flame retardant or resistant. Look for garments that meet industry standards and provide the protection you need for your specific job. And don’t forget to check out related keywords like fire retardant overalls, flame retardant coveralls, fireproof overalls, and flameproof overalls when researching. You can stay safe and comfortable on the job by choosing the right protective clothing.


Hazchem Safety’s flame retardant boiler suits provide protection for all workers in hazardous enviroments. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality protective gear to keep you safe on the job, look no further than Hazchem Safety’s flame retardant boiler suits!

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