Choosing ADR Equipment can be daunting and confusing, navigating all the relevant Standards. We’re here to help.

Choosing ADR kits can be a minefield. If it seems daunting choosing your kits, equipment, signage or marking, read on…

Which Class of Goods are you carrying?

If you know that you need the right ADR to be compliant but don’t know where to start, the first question you need to ask is what class dangerous goods will I be carrying? If it is only ever one class of product then we have class specific kits but if it is a mixture of classes then you will need the Full ADR Kit which includes PPE to cover all necessary classes. The second question is does the vehicle already have any ADR equipment fitted to it? Signage? Wheel Chocks? Fire Extinguishers? If not we stock a full range of these products.

Vehicle marking can also be a minefield. Do I need markings on the side of the vehicle? Do I need to show the UN code of the dangerous good I am transporting? Does my existing signage meet the 15 minute fire engulfment legislation? Be assured any question you have our dedicated ADR staff will be able to guide you through this maze.

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