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Spill Management

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Every company that uses or stores liquids in significant quantities should have a response plan in place to prevent accidents becoming disasters.

The consequences of an incident taking place without a proper plan range from personal injury through operational shut-down to environmental damage and associated fines. This can amount to high costs and negative publicity. Stocking the appropriate spill response equipment and providing training for all employees is important before a spill response plan can be implemented.

We can support your risk management planning with a free, no-obligation site survey to help you identify risks and safety measures. We can also advise you on your specific requirements, from the right kinds of kits to the best sizes for your needs.

Product Highlight: SC0150 Chemical Absorbent Spill Kit 50 Litre

This spill kit is ideal for vehicle/tanker spills. The kit comes in a robust case and includes the following:

  • 2 x absorbent socks 8cm x 3m
  • 30 x absorbent pads
  • 1 x disposal bag
  • Packed in clearly marked robust case with shoulder strap
50 litre spill kit
1100 litre spill kit

Product Highlight: SC1230 Oil Absorbent Spill Kit in Bin 1100 Litre

It is your responsibility to adhere to environmental legislation. If damage is caused to the environment, there is a legal responsibility to return the area to its former state, ie. all wild life, flora, and fauna must be replaced. In addition to the remediation and restoration cost, there is often a fine associated with environmental damage, increasing the financial burden of an uncontrolled spill incident. By using the Oil Absorbent Spill Kit, deployed in the right way, you may be able to avoid environmental damage and the related costs.

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To receive a quote for our spill control kits, enquire now.