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Embroidered Workwear

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Let your uniforms do the talking with custom embroidered workwear, so your workforce always looks good, feels comfortable, and stays on-brand


Hazchem Safety understands that your logo represents your corporate image and will endeavour to produce a sample embroidery within 48 hours for your approval.

Our sales team and embroidery specialists are on hand to offer guidance and technical information about your embroidery. We have vast experience in all types of garment embellishment and can give advice on how best to promote your brand on your uniform.

Customer enquiry process

  1. We ask for an image sample of your logo and any additional information (wearer names, etc.).
  2. The embroidery manager get the image digitised (file transferred to a format that the embroidery machines will understand) — this will usually only take 24/48 hrs.
  3. We then embroider a sample and either scan this and return it to you or send you a hard copy for approval.
  4. Following the approval from the customer we will then set this information up onto our network so that we can recall the logo at any point and all information is available at the touch of a button. This detail can be applied to Lynx so that the correct logo is automatically applied to the corresponding garments.
  5. The process/procedure is very simple and is justified into a few stages. The main emphasis is on getting it right to begin with and this will then follow through onto subsequent orders.

We can hold large quantities of finished garments for larger companies, making us unique in the marketplace. We do this for HOYER, Nothgate, SRCL, and Certas.

Embroidery process

  1. Using the latest design and digitisation suites, the logo pattern is transferred to our internal computer system where it is available to be directly downloaded onto any of our embroidery machines.
  2. The embroidery operative will then check all the details such as run colours and position on the garment and then run a pre-production sample to double check.
  3. The area of the garment that is to be embellished is clamped tightly into an “embroidery hoop”, which is then fitted onto the machine.
  4. We have modern multi-headed machines that enable us to embroider several garments at the same time using up to 15 colours on each design. These machines run at speeds of around 1,000 stitches per minute depending on detail and can quickly produce very detailed and durable emblems onto many types of fabric.

“Most of the front breast embroideries that we produce contain four-thousand to eight-thousand stitches per logo.”

After the garments are embroidered they are all checked and then folded, ready for dispatch.

In many cases, this is as simple as re-boxing and shipping on to our customers but we also offer a complete “man pack” service.

Man pack service

When “man packing”, any additional goods that are required can be added to a specific parcel that will be individually packed and labelled with an individual’s name to ensure the right goods reach the right person with the minimum effort at the customer’s site.

Goods suitable for man packing are not limited to embroidered clothing but can be practically any item from our PPE and workwear inventory.

In some instances it is not as effective to attach an embroidery to a garment, particularly if it is a large logo and it is being adhered to a waterproof jacket for instance. In these circumstances we offer a heat seal transfer service.

Heat seal transfer service

The heat seal transfer service is often a cost-effective method of branding cheaper or disposable items such as Hi-Vis waistcoats and is also very popular on Hi-Vis raincoats and jackets.

  1. The process begins much the same as we do with an embroidery in that a design is sent to us by the customer.
  2. We then arrange for print samples to be set up and we may request samples if required.
  3. Once approved, prints are ordered in and kept for call off by customer.

We have several heat seal application machines and can accommodate large prints such as for the back of jackets or waistcoats or smaller machines for adding names to garments or smaller customer emblems.

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