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As a trusted supplier to the transport industry since 1978, our knowledge of Europe’s ADR regulations is unsurpassed.

The equipment and signage that you require will depend on what class of chemicals your drivers are carrying. Our team is on hand to advise you of the correct equipment and signage you need to keep your vehicles compliant with ADR regulations. Simply tell us what class you are carrying and we will provide a quote within six working hours.

We maintain a huge supply of off-the-shelf ADR kits, enabling us to provide you with next-day delivery. Individual items in these kits with shelf lives, such as eye wash, have a minimum of four years’ life, and we are happy to supply these items individually as required, reducing your costs and ensuring you always comply with regulation. We can even brand your kit bags and provide bespoke equipment such as spill kits or torches on request. We will make sure you are compliant on the road.

Product Highlight: VK0010—vehicle kit

To kit out a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) carrying hazardous substances, these vehicle ADR kits have everything that you will require to meet the demands of the ADR regulations for carrying any hazardous class (except explosives and radioactive products, which would require additional placards).

You can demonstrate confidently to a VOSA or police inspector that everything is ready to hand and be assured in the event of an incident that you can deal with the situation efficiently, professionally, and without personal injury.

This kit contains the following:

  • Gloves
  • Eyewash x 2
  • Chemical suit
  • Goggles
  • Respirator with ABEK filters
  • Safety wellington boots
  • Hazard warning triangles x 2
  • Hi-Vis waistcoat
  • Neoprene drain seal/cover 2-part anti-static shovel safety torch including batteries
  • Flashing warning lamp batteries x 2
  • Waste disposal bags & ties x 2 and first aid kit
  • FE081 Fire box to take 9kg extinguisher
  • FE029 9kg Dry powder extinguisher
  • FE023 3kg Dry powder extinguisher with cab bracket (must be carried in cab)
  • SC013 20L Chemical spill kit
  • 2 No. VS004 Folding Hazchem Sign 300x400mm
  • IN011 Instructions in Writing 2011
  • VE011 Wheel Chock

The PPE and most of the equipment is held in an 85-litre kit bag clearly marked “ADR KIT”. The contents of the kit should be kept intact for use only in an emergency and any part replaced as soon as it is used. Items of PPE that you regularly use, such as gloves, we recommend keeping separately in order to prevent the accidental depletion of your emergency vehicle kit contents. Kit should be checked periodically to ensure that perishable or use-by dated items are replaced when needed.

Product Highlight: VS0120—sign

  • 0.8mm stainless steel for great strength and longevity
  • 3m reflective materials for maximum reflectivity performance
  • Four different displays in one panel
  • Sliding mechanism for quick and easy change

The Quad-code board is used for the transport of class 3 ADR goods. It is constructed using formed 0.8mm stainless steel and the best 3m reflective materials that ensure exceptional reflectivity. A movable internal centre panel that allows for four different Hazchem codes to be displayed. Each panel has retro-reflective labels applied with the printed codes embossed. The four codes are easily selected using the plastic control knob on the sliding mechanism. Just undo the control knob and slide along the runner to the desired locating notch that indicates the code you have selected, then re-tighten the knob.

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