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Procurement Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet makes it as easy as possible for you to choose us as your new supplier

It could be that your current supplier is letting you down. You may have a risk of not being able to fulfil orders or operate. This could be putting unnecessary pressure on your staff. We can help. As a customer-focused company, you’re our first priority. From bespoke product requests and expert advice to online order management and next-day delivery, we can implement your orders wherever you are in the UK, so your workforce is safe and your company compliant.

You can find out everything you need to know about us in our Procurement Factsheet. Download it instantly using the form to the right. It includes our Company Overview and Company History pdfs, Customer Service information, Equal Opportunities Policy, Our Environmental Policy, The Hazchem Ethical Trading Code (including worker conditions), Hazchem’s Quality Policy, Health & Safety Policy and ISO certificates including ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 8001 Certificate. Finally, it has our Social Responsibility Policy.


Some of the benefits for Purchasing and Procurement are highlighted below:

Our environmental policy

Hazchem Safety implemented ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 back in 2015 and is committed to upholding these accreditations. We look forward to the annual audits so we can demonstrate to the auditors our dedication to the cause. This helps us in our “continuous improvement” throughout every department of the company and reinforces our ethos of being agile and ready to change. ISO accreditations have become internationally recognised and should reassure you that we are responsible partners.

Your online ordering system

Purchasing professionals and administrators benefit from Hazchem Lynx. It can be customised in a number of ways to suit your personal requirements. The system enables your entire company to place orders across multiple branches for staff uniforms and PPE supplies. It gives you access to reports that help you to monitor spend by site, contract and staff member. You can also approve orders before they are placed and even set up a points-based ordering system for your staff. This will ultimately save your company money because of the accurate reporting on spend and control on the amount of products used by each employee.

Helping your business to budget & save

We can offer a cost calculation on a case-by-case basis to demonstrate savings in real-time. Discounts are applied to corporate accounts for core products. Monthly reports are sent to ensure sites are keeping to budget and cost savings discussed on a quarterly review meeting. Hundreds of companies have already moved from their existing suppliers and start saving — yours could be one of them.

Latest Statistics

Last year we picked over 800,000 items

Last year we sent out in excess of 34,000 parcels

Last year we packed a massive 130,000 order lines