Until now, Flame Resistant, ARC and Hi-Visibility Orange Polo Shirts have been clunky and uncomfortable to wear – not anymore with Orwell.

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Certified Hi-Vis Orange Inherent ARC polo shirt as comfortable as leisure-wear!

New to the HAZTECĀ® range this season, HAZCHEM are proud to present ‘HAZTECĀ® Orwell FR AS Arc Hi-Vis Inherent L/Sleeve Polo’, the new go-to, Flame Resistant, Antistatic, EN ISO 20471 Certified, breathable, Polo shirt for use in Oil terminals, Refineries, Gas Works, Rail Works, Utility contractors and other environments, where protection against Heat & Flame and ARC Flash incidents is required.

Why the Industry needs ORWELL

As many users of Inherent Flame Resistant workwear would know, the Hi-Vis Orange was not initially available due to technical constraints in achieving all the required European norms within a single fabric and with the extra requirements for GO/RT 3279 (now RIS-3279-TOM), the required UK standard for workers on or around Railways.

The first products to the market in Hi-Vis Orange were Woven fabrics, used for Trousers, Jackets, and Coveralls. The knitted fabrics for Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts followed later, and whilst the most popular fabric on the market used for polo shirts is soft, it is a far cry from what we generally regard as a Pique knit – the fabric we all know and understand in leisurewear polo shirts.

ORWELL solves this challenge and Hazchem Safety brings to you in 2021 a new fabric replicating a superior knit that is comfortable to wear and also features Chevron style reflective tape that flexes with you as you wear the garment. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

Superior pique knit finish

ORWELL is a game changer for 2021 for workers needing a better level of comfort and breathability. Premium Quality, Inherent flame-resistant fabric constructed in Pique Knit, makes the ORWELL FR AS ARC Polo Shirt, more breathable, more flexible, and more comfortable than any other product of its kind.

A Pique Knit allows air from the body to escape, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable, whilst minimizing perspiration stains, so the wearer looks professional and feels comfortable.

A combination like nothing else on the market

No other Hi-Vis FR ARC Inherent Polo shirts currently on the market have the ORWELL combinations of:

  • Superior Pique Knit – ultimate in comfort and breathabilty.
  • Flexible Chevron Reflective tape – for maximum comfort to flex with the body, not restrictive.
  • Reflective Tape in full Class 3 configuration with Double Body Bands.

As close to tailored as a polo shirt can get!

Hazchem are committed to providing solutions to common technical workwear problems. The Orwell Polo is available in a comprehensive size range, that other companies do not currently offer. Available in a range of sizes up to 6XL, suiting the wearer rather than the reverse, easing the frustrations of wearing restrictive and ill-fitting garments.

The ORWELL Polo removes those common comfort barriers, like too small-a-size range or Reflective Tape that restricts movement are provided with optimum working conditions with regards to protective clothing.

The improved fit with no compromise on safety

None of HAZTEC’S High Standard Safety features are compromised for the ORWELL’S added comfort, ensuring you can continue to comply with correctly certified technical workwear. We are pleased to present this diverse garment which ticks all the boxes with the following Certifications:

  • EN ISO 11612 A1, B1, C1, F1 Heat & Flame Protection
  • EN 1149 Antistatic
  • EN ISO 20471 Class 3 (on all sizes including Small)
  • RIS-3279-TOM Railway Group Standard
  • IEC 61482 APC 1

Less layers, same protection

Summer is anticipated by most for its sunshine and warm weather, but for your team, Summer brings challenging working conditions. High temperatures and the demands of daily work can add to the risk of heat-related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke, severe illnesses, reportable to RIDDOR.

The ORWELL long sleeved design offers the required level of Protection for Heat & Flame and ARC Hazards, in a breathable, lightweight fit, unlike heavy layers used in cooler months.

Produced in a superior knit fabric, in a modern design, featuring flexible reflective tape, the Orwell will keep your team cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

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