Shauni Addison,
Business Development Manager

Industry Expert in Marine Sector


Can you tell us about your career history prior to joining Hazchem Safety?

I studied Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University and worked part-time in retail. Transitioning to Hazchem Safety (formerly Donside Safety), I joined as a Customer Service Executive. Through dedication and a customer-focused mindset, I’ve advanced to my current role as a Business Development Manager.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

My role focuses on nurturing and developing relationships with key customer accounts. A typical day in my role is spent generating new leads, managing our sales pipeline, creating new proposals, and having meetings with our key clients. I also attend industry events and collaborate with internal teams to stay aligned. Overall, my role blends strategic planning, client engagement, and industry networking to ensure lasting success.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Hazchem?

What I find most gratifying about my role at Hazchem Safety is the chance to foster meaningful relationships with both new and existing key clients. Learning about their businesses and how we can best support them is genuinely rewarding. Contributing solutions that make a real impact and collaborating with an innovative team adds to the enjoyment of my work.

Now as Business Development Manager at Hazchem, what would you say has been your biggest learning curve or challenge?

One of the most significant learning curves in my role as a Business Development Manager at Hazchem Safety has been mastering adaptability and time management. With each day being different, I’ve honed the ability to efficiently switch between tasks, such as generating leads, engaging with clients, and collaborating internally.

What advice would you give to someone beginning their journey looking to further develop their career in the industry?

There are lots of opportunities within Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) industries as a whole. Work hard, expand your network and keep on top of new trends. The industry is constantly changing and improving, so you must always be open to learning.

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