Cost In Use Example: Workwear Made from Inherent fabric – An Infographic

It’s common practice to purchase the least expensive item when choosing workwear for fire protection. Here we can see the results of a cost-in-use exercise where we compare the Haztec AS2293 Rincon FR AS Inherent Coverall with a treated coverall with FR AS properties. Hazchem Safety have taken the time to crunch the numbers for you for a best-selling coverall and have uncovered the specific savings available for you in making this choice and the most affordable may not be the cheapest. If you’re buying any of the inherently flame retardant coveralls rather than the treated ones, there is an immediate benefit as the garment fibres have the protective properties. When choosing your flame retardant workwear, the product title should include the word inherent although it may not necessarily stated if it simply treated.

The temptation to buy treated over inherent lies with the lower cost items that look the same and have the same features on face value (such as plastic zip and multiple pockets). Both will meet the immediate need for the protection to Flame Retardant Protection EN ISO 11612:2008 and Anti-Static to EN1149-5:2008. What is different about this garment is that the number of washes it can be taken through is significantly more than the treated ones whilst still offering the same level of protection. The treated coveralls need replacing after 25 weeks of regular twice a week washes. Whereas Joe, who has the inherently protective coverall that cost an extra £65.39 initially, only needs replacing only once! (This is what Joe is wearing) Product code AS2293.

Haztec inherent FR coveralls

Haztec inherent FR coveralls

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The additional benefit to you as purchaser of these items with inherent protection is that the administration of arranging, inputting, arranging delivery for and organising receipt of this to the wearer is a time saving. Not least that if the person wearing this is regularly being sent new ones, the feeling of potential risk is higher as time goes on and the become accustomed to the awareness of it being a ‘cheaper’ item and it potentially being seen as lower quality, which could damage morale. With the inherent garment the longevity of its fabric means its protection cannot be washed out and its colour will not fade nearly as quickly as its treated counterpart.