T&M Plant Hire Ltd

We are a fast-growing Bowser company that supplies water, fuel, and welfare vehicles to all the road construction sites throughout the whole of the UK, including HS2.

As the business has grown and we have employed a great number of new drivers and site staff, we initially tried to manage and supply of PPE from our own stores, we found by doing this and as the staff numbers grew it became very time consuming, stressful, and unmanageable.

We approached Hazchem to see if they could help us to manage our supply of PPE and they suggested their online system called WORKAKIT, this is the best way to manage the storage and supply of our PPE for our new and existing drivers.

The delivery time scale mostly is the next day or the day after, if Hazchem have a problem with the supply of a certain item, they inform you via email.

They have also got online chat on their portal which I have just started using and they are very quick in resolving any problem you have got.

This system allows you to order and send your PPE to multiple sites, you can run cost reports on all the PPE for individual drivers so you can see how much your PPE is costing you for each driver and overall throughout the year.

The service that Hazchem give our company by using WORKAKIT is quick and efficient and easy to manage.

Andy Wright

Company Parts Buyer

Neville Hindley
Neville HindleyTitle
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