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Global Group is based in Aberdeen, Port of Nigg (Head Office) and Invergordon and offer engineering services for the Offshore and Onshore sectors. A key player in the Offshore Wind industry, Global Energy provide a diverse range of welding and engineering services to all energy industry operators.

With the ability to tailor the services to each client and their specific requirements, their expertise, attention to detail and integrity are what clients appreciate most when working with Global Energy.  Global in turn place high value on these close partnerships and you can find out more at

Building a relationship between Hazchem Safety and Global Energy

Global Energy purchase ORKA® FR Coveralls – Fabricator, Magnus and Welder. The consistent feedback from wearers and other influencers in the business has demonstrated premium quality, durability and lower cost-in-use.

Ensuring an Outstanding Delivery and Personal Service to WellGear

Global needed a swift and reliable business partner, and the Hazchem Team at Dyce has been able to provide just this with our Same Day and Next Day Delivery Service in Aberdeen.

Coupled with the Lynx Online Ordering portal and onsite Embroidery and Printing service, Global appreciated the fast response and stock holding from Hazchem and can rely on us for ensuring their team can continue to be protected with the correct personal protective equipment.

What do Global Energy say about Hazchem?

James Ross of Global Energy has consistently provided feedback that the ORKA® Coveralls provide superior quality, lasting longer than any other brand they have used.

Melvin Doughty
Melvin DoughtyDyce, Aberdeen Branch Manager
Shauni Lynch
Shauni LynchDyce, Aberdeen Business Development Manager