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How to Maintain Your Fire PPE Equipment

You are wondering how to maintain your fire PPE equipment. Find out how to keep your PPE stock orders on budget and ensure the workforce is well protected.

You have a duty to ensure that equipment is properly maintained and functioning to its best capabilities if your business is one that requires its staff to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for working with fire.

Fire PPE protects individuals from injury during an encounter with flames. Every member of staff concerned should have their equipment requirements outlined in health and safety at work policies. The PPE can include such items as eye protectors, gloves, safety footwear, harnesses, respiratory equipment, and face protection.

One of the best ways of making sure this equipment provides the correct level of protection is to take care of it. For advice on how to maintain your fire PPE equipment, read on.

How to maintain your fire PPE equipment

Maintain fire PPE carefully to preserve its condition and extend its lifespan. The following points should help.

1. Wear equipment correctly and use it for its intended purpose

Make sure that any protective garment fits the individual concerned correctly. A good fit ensures that such kit doesn’t rub or wear through unevenly.

Fire PPE must be compatible when worn together.

When considering how to maintain your fire PPE equipment, make sure that it is only used for its intended purpose. This will promote its correct use and limit its use to those instances when it is essential.

2. Clean and examine clothing after use

Fire-related PPE in particular is often subject to stressful environments. These days such clothing is often structurally complex and multi-layered, meaning it can be heavy and expensive to replace.

The simplest solution is to ensure that it’s hung up in an area where it can air properly, in other words where the air can circulate freely and the fabric can breathe. Some parts of a suit will dry quicker than others, with tight areas such as under the arms taking substantially longer to dry out.

3. Store responsibly

Storage is important. This is especially true of equipment used on a less than frequent basis. Storage conditions should generally be dry and clean, and free from extremes of temperature.

After use, have a clearly defined routine for removing equipment. Return every item to its designated storage place. Ensure that you store all kit correctly. Not only does this maintain the integrity of the equipment, it also means you’ll find it again when you need it. One way of monitoring storage is to create a checklist that the last user must complete and sign when return the PPE to holding.

4. Repair or replace damaged items

Disposal and replacement is often the safest option when PPE becomes damaged or worn out. At other times, repair is a perfectly viable solution to routine damage. Individuals responsible for making repairs to PPE should be fully qualified to do so.

Carry out any training t in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s procedures. Provide certification where appropriate.

Used only the correct parts for replacement. Again, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure that you’re sourcing the right parts. Properly document any changes or modifications.

Find out how to reduce PPE costs across your business.

How to maintain your fire PPE equipment

Following procedures for PPE storage and maintenance is essential to keep staff safe and maximise the life expectancy of expensive equipment.

Safety comes first. You are responsible for making sure staff have access to the equipment they need to work safely.

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