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Hazchem-Lynx Online Ordering

Just as email is now an intrinsic part of the workplace, there are other tools which can make life easier and allow us to concentrate on more important things – such as cost control and making the perfect cup of tea!

As part of Hazchem’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve spoken to a number of procurement managers about how we can make ordering easier for them, and one of the questions we were asked again and again was whether anything can be done to reduce the risk of errors being made when placing large, complicated orders for personalised PPE.

When we looked in to this further, we found that systems such as Google Docs or Trello® are very popular as a means of collating vast amounts of information for PPE orders, often for numerous different items of protective wear for upwards of 200 employees.

But while file sharing is an effective way of gathering all of this information, there was a consensus among the customers we spoke to that once the information has been pulled together, the ordering process itself – with product codes, sizes, and prices just some of the information required – was still long, arduous process, and occasionally prone to error.

When you also consider that 40.8% of purchasing managers say procurement fraud is a significant threat, according to the National Fraud Authority, then an easy to use, secure, and free tool that can streamline your ordering processes is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Secure online ordering for peace of mind

Secure Online Ordering is the only way to do business online.

To meet these needs, Hazchem have created a bespoke online ordering system that ticks all of these boxes while at the same time removing the need to place long orders over the phone, AND giving you budget control throughout the whole purchasing process.

Hazchem-Lynx enables each of your employees to order their own PPE from a range selected and approved by you.

Once we’ve set up your account, your employees can order their PPE and workwear from wherever they are based, right down to inputting their sizes. You authorise the order, which is then delivered, individually labelled, to the correct location.

Hoyer Petrolog UK’s Transport Administrator Laura French says:

“Having the option for Stock or Man Pack is ideal for ordering new recruit uniforms, as it keeps distribution time to a minimum. The option to add items to a basket for any location and re-visit the basket at a later date to complete the order is also very useful”

The whole process is set up and managed free of charge and is totally secure, giving you more time to do other things – like brewing that perfect cuppa.

Get Started

Watch our video to find out more:

Take the hassle out of ordering with Hazchem-Lynx:

“I find it easy to use and if I need anything adding to our web portal, I can ring up and get the items added. I am very pleased with the ease of ordering.” – Tracey Langford, Transport Administrator for Hoyer Petrolog UK (Shell, Stanlow)

  • Monitor spend as Lynx gives you control, allowing you to monitor spend by site, contract and even staff member.
  • Choose whether your portal view has a full catalogue or just your chosen products.
  • Linked order tracking via DPD means you know when your staff can expect their items.
  • Customised garments with fast logo turnaround.
  • Pay on account or by card, or both!
  • Authorisation can be set up centrally, to be controlled by you.
  • Reports generated on per site/staff member/overall.
  • Items can be set up in pre-selected product groups by job role, product category and in employee lists.
  • Once set up, your logo will be ready for you to approve within 48 hours and embroidery and heat sealed branding is done quickly and efficiently.

How To Start: Hazchem-Lynx is designed for account holders but you can use the system when you order by card via our Sagepay facility. To become an account holder, get in touch and an office-based internal account manager will look after the day to day running of your account, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Email or call 01280 841 400 If you are still unsure…Our customers are delighted with us!

When we asked our customers, based on recent experience, how likely are you to recommend Hazchem Safety to others? Our score was 99.24%

Our Service

Additional benefits of working with Hazchem Safety Ltd:

  • Guaranteed next day delivery on all stock items.
  • Orders can be automatically triggered for your convenience.
  • Site visits can be made by appointment to discuss any new products, or solve your specific problems
  • A preferential stock holding service is available to ensure that you never run out of essential products. This plan can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

If you are thinking about taking advantage of our excellent prices and getting great customer service we would be happy to hear from you.

Find Out More

If you are tired of chasing numerous employees across all your sites for their PPE orders, you could be ready to use Hazchem-Lynx. It takes all the uncertainty and stress out of ordering. It is a method that our customers get familiar with quickly, to the point where it becomes automatically part of your ordering process.

Lucy Murphy writes blogs about PPE and safety in the workplace. She’s also very good at table tennis. Connect on LinkedIn